Innovative operation room concept CORE integrated with VEPRO PACS

Pfungstadt 09 June 2004A modern operation room has been equipped with a multiplicity of highly developed and specialized devices. Endoscopic camera systems, HF devices, insufflators and lights are only a few examples. Due to the complexity, the handling of the devices often proves to be difficult and can become an additional exposure for physicians and personnel during an interference. The RICHARD WOLF GmbH, innovation carrier in the minimal invasive surgery, recognized this problem already early and realized with the PACS of the VEPRO AG an innovative complete operation room concept "CORE" - complete operating room endoscopy, which can be simply implemented for the endoscopy. Thus the two experts aimed at ensuring a fatigue-freer working to the surgeon and an operational sequence optimization for the well-being of the patient.


Endoscopy with VEPRO MEDIMAGE

RICHARD WOLF sets new accents in the central operation room control and realizes together with the VEPRO AG integrated image management systems. The CORE concept fulfils all needs of the surgeon in the modern endoscopy and is as an implemented operation room system an efficient solution for the optimization of the work flows.

By smooth cross-linking of the individual devices within the operation area and ultramodern control possibilities by means of operating panels as well as speaker-independent speech control, CORE enables a simple control of the entire operation room system. Whether light, camera, computer or operation table, the operation of devices and software is from both the unsterile and the sterile area - and thus directly from the operating physician - possible. This ensures a trouble-free and accelerated working to the surgeon and can finally cause a saving of personnel, because now many instructions do not have to be passed to the assistant anymore, but directly to the digital system.

In order to fulfil all requirements of a most modern endoscopy, the system offers beside the progressive control concept however still far more than only an innovative control. The VEPRO AG as a specialist for digital information systems within the medical range builds for this purpose with its image management system MEDIMAGE and the VEPRO PACS an important column of the CORE concept.

On the basis of workstations for the picture acquisition, processing and archiving up to the ultramodern server, network and telecommunications solutions, with CORE the complete patient image and document management is realized by VEPRO. Thereby with the integrated VEPRO PACS also all data such as pictures, films, findings and photographs are available in seconds, where they are needed namely directly at the operation room table.

"With CORE and our integrated PACS the surgeon has to his availability a strong, expandable tool directly on his workplace in the operation room", according to the VEPRO software developers. "The entire documentation of the operation process, like image/film acquisition, processing, display of pre- or operational images/films or the production of the operation report during the operation is ensured in the sterile range." The availability of the entire image management system in the field of vision of the surgeon contributes to an increased operation security.

For the CORE concept the entire VEPRO PACS is configured as slave system of the company Wolf and the progressive CORE control possibilities are transferred to the PACS to be integrated with the hard and software of the VEPRO AG. Therefore the speech control is also completely available for the VEPRO system. Noted for its user-friendly systems with high integration depth without interface restrictions, VEPRO systems can be integrated smoothly by script instructions also into any application of other manufacturers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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