Integris Heart Hospital and Halifax Medical Center select Vericis from Camtronics for cardiovascular image and information management

Hartland 14 June 2004The Integris Heart Hospital at Integris Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the Halifax Medical Center (HMC), Daytona Beach, Florida have selected Vericis, developed by Camtronics Medical Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, for cardiovascular image and information management. Integris Baptist is the flagship of 15-hospital Integris Health, Oklahoma's largest not-for-profit health care system. HMC is recipient of a HealthGrades 2004 Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence award. Its cardiology programme earned a HealthGrades five-star rating, placing it among the top five percent of cardiology programmes nationwide.


The VERICIS Cardiovascular Information System will be installed in HMC's Cardiovascular Diagnostic and Interventional Institute, an expansion of the Halifax Heart Center that is currently under construction and expected to open this summer.

According to Matthew Petkus, manager of cardiovascular services at HMC, Camtronics' ability to integrate data from disparate cardiovascular modalities was a key factor in the institution's final decision. "When I took over management responsibilities 18 months ago, one of the first problems I noticed was the islands of information all over the cardiology department. Getting information on a single patient required going to multiple sources and viewing data in multiple formats. Our goal is for a physician to be able to sit down at a single workstation, pull up all the information that exists on a patient at that location, and then render an interpretation. Of the six companies we evaluated, Camtronics was the only one that could demonstrate this kind of complete cardiovascular data integration."

The Vericis system will acquire, store, and distribute digital images from the HMC's cardiac catheterization and echocardiography laboratories and will connect and provide access to images on HMC's Radiology PACS. The installation will also include Camtronics' cardiac cath and echocardiography clinical reporting modules, Web Server, and bi-directional Hospital Information System interface. In HMC's four cath labs, the system will integrate with Camtronics' PhysioLog haemodynamic monitoring system to enable streamlined, computer-based results reporting, effectively eliminating the costs and delays associated with transcription.

HMC will also be installing Quinton Cardiology Systems' Pyramis ECG management system. Camtronics and Quinton announced a strategic alliance in 2003 to develop integrated cardiology solutions that leverage each company's respective product lines. This was a key differentiator, according to Matthew Petkus. "Our physicians want to be able to pull up a patient's ECG at the same time they are reviewing a cath or echo study. Some of the vendors we talked to couldn't understand why this was important. This just reinforced our view that Camtronics was the only company that had taken into consideration all the information cardiologists need when they sit down to review clinical data on a patient."

Halifax Medical Center is a 764-bed, full-service tertiary care hospital serving the Daytona Beach area known as Florida's Funcoast. Founded in 1928, it offers the region's most modern Heart Center, the only Trauma Center, and one of Florida's busiest emergency departments, including a Paediatric Emergency Center. Other centres of excellence include The Betty Jane France Paediatrics Center, named for the "First Lady of NASCAR", and featuring, in addition to paediatric and neonatal intensive care units, the uniquely themed "Speediatrics" area where family support is often bolstered by visits from world-famous racecar drivers. The Medical Center is host institution for the Herbert D. Kerman Regional Oncology Centers and the area's only Comprehensive Stroke Center. It is a teaching hospital with a noted family practice residency programme and radiography programme. HMC is part of Halifax-Fish Community Health, a comprehensive health care system serving area communities.

The Integris Heart Hospital is a comprehensive centre of excellence that offers a wide range of services to treat heart diseases. One of the most advanced centres in the region, the Integris Heart Hospital is housed within the 508-bed Integris Baptist Medical Center. A non-sectarian, voluntary, not-for-profit hospital, Integris Baptist is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and is a member of the American Healthcare Organization Association and Voluntary Hospitals of America (VHA).

"The Integris Heart Hospital is a joint venture between Integris Baptist and cardiologists that is designed to optimize cardiac care quality and delivery", stated Integris Heart Hospital President P. Anthony Long, MBA, CHE. "The hospital and physicians collaborated very closely on the selection of Camtronics; the decision resulted from an exhaustive, multi-year evaluation of cardiovascular information management systems."

"Multi-vendor compatibility is an important advantage of the Vericis system", noted Mr. Long. "Camtronics' solution is flexible in its ability to interface with a diverse array of equipment, which in our case includes cath, echo, and nuclear imaging systems from GE, Philips, and Siemens. It also addresses our desire to alleviate some of the pressures on our cardiologists. Web technology enables them to access and view patient information from their homes and offices. The system is very easy to use and will significantly enhance our ability to deliver care in the most efficient manner possible."

The Vericis system will acquire, store, and distribute digital images from the Integris Heart Hospital's cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology laboratories, which collectively perform over 17.000 studies and procedures annually. The system will feature a six-terabyte Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server that will provide clinicians with instant network access to approximately 34.000 studies, or two years of accumulated study volume.

From Vericis Cardiac Workstations distributed throughout the hospital, physicians will view cardiac cath, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and vascular ultrasound studies, and generate concise, structured clinical reports. Studies and final results will be accessible via the Web from standard PCs to authorized users inside the hospital and at many of Integris Baptist's 25 outreach clinics.

Mr. Long stated that a second phase of the project, which will include Vericis PhysioLog, Camtronics' haemodynamic monitoring system, will aid the hospital's continuous quality improvement initiatives. "Integris Heart Hospital invests a tremendous amount of time and resources on data collection and quality management. PhysioLog and the Vericis Clinical Reporting modules will enable us to integrate this data collection more fully into our normal clinical processes. We'll use the Vericis database to monitor and measure quality, and to guide our strategic approach to how we co-ordinate care across our different services and outreach sites."

Vericis is the first information management system that captures patient data across the continuum of cardiovascular care. Built on a single information technology platform, Vericis integrates data from different sites such as office, clinic, and hospital, and different sources like interventional and diagnostic x-ray angiography, echo, nuclear, MR, haemodynamics, reports, and HIS, to create a comprehensive digital record on the cardiac patient.

Camtronics Medical Systems Ltd. was founded in 1986 and is specialized in cardiovascular information management and haemodynamic monitoring technology. Its industry-leading Vericis Cardiovascular Information System provides single-point access to complete cardiovascular patient data, including cardiology office practice records. Camtronics operates engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer support activities from its headquarters near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as technology development centres in Winter Park, Florida, and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Leslie Versweyveld

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