Health providing customers embrace EqualLogic's self-managing approach to IP SAN consolidation

Nashua 28 June 2004EqualLogic Inc., a provider of iSCSI-based, self-managing networked storage solutions, has surpassed the 100th customer deployment of its award-winning PeerStorage Array 100E. EqualLogic's 100th customer, Johnson Health Network (JHN) has installed EqualLogic's PeerStorage platform to consolidate and manage primary storage for a rapidly growing data centre and to create a comprehensive back-up and recovery plan for its network of health care operators.


In the first year of shipping its innovative, all-inclusive storage area network (SAN) technology, EqualLogic has established itself as a provider of pure-iSCSI SAN solutions in a fast-growing segment of the $50 billion storage industry. EqualLogic has enabled Fortune 500 companies and medium-size businesses in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, retail, government and defense, financial services, higher education, and health care, to create cost-effective enterprise-quality IP SANs. To support its continued growth, EqualLogic announced an additional $20 million in financing.

Johnson Health Network employs more than 1200 doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and administrators who constantly demand additional storage capacity to support rapidly expanding clinical, patient and administrative data. JHN chose the EqualLogic storage platform because of its ease of deployment, automatic management and flexible storage provisioning, replacing a cumbersome Fibre Channel SAN installation and allowing JHN to consolidate all of its storage into one self-managing, scalable system with built-in back-up and recovery capabilities.

"As we started outgrowing our original system, it was clear we needed a self-supporting storage environment that would allow us to better service the storage needs of our network hospitals and partners", stated Mark Rivard, JHN network systems specialist. "Now I am able to manage our storage capacity and growth with little effort. Once we built the SAN with the PeerStorage array, it just worked. With the PeerStorage SAN, JHN can easily scale up with additional arrays and implement a long-overdue disaster recovery plan."

Enterprises are turning to EqualLogic to consolidate their direct attached storage (DAS) into a flexible and scalable SAN and to cap or replace their expensive and complex Fibre Channel SAN installations. EqualLogic's PeerStorage SAN technology lays a foundation for virtual data centres by creating flexible, scalable and self-managing storage Grids. Enterprises are looking to centralize IT resources into one, virtual utility consisting of three elements: storage, servers and the network. In this data centre of the future, IT managers will provision computing resources on demand, using a common pool of servers and storage to enable new applications. The first step in this direction is to virtualize storage, which EqualLogic is enabling today with its flexible and manageable iSCSI-based SANs.

"Reaching 100 customers is extremely important because it is saying that customers are seeing the cost benefits of iSCSI, and they are going with a new company, EqualLogic, to provide their storage and not one of the big guys", stated Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst of Enterprise Storage Group. "It isn't so much about iSCSI as much as it is about PeerStorage's architecture, ease of use and functionality. That is why customers are going with EqualLogic."

"Because of the tremendous interest in iSCSI storage systems, traditional storage companies have enabled their Fibre Channel installations with iSCSI connectivity, allowing them to claim significant market penetration", stated Jack Boyle, president and CEO of EqualLogic. "But real leadership in the iSCSI storage market segment is determined by the number of customers building all-iSCSI SANs and by the actual terabytes of data stored on those SANs. No other vendor surpasses our share of the iSCSI market by these measures."

EqualLogic is the only standards-compliant IP SAN solution provider to offer a comprehensive and fully integrated standard feature set at no additional cost to the customer. Each PeerStorage Array 100E supports up to 3,5 terabytes of storage capacity, comes with fully redundant fault-tolerant hardware and includes full-featured automatic storage-management software. Up to 32 arrays can be combined to form a scalable enterprise storage Grid of more than 100 terabytes.

EqualLogic is a provider of iSCSI-based, all-inclusive storage area network (SAN) solutions that enable businesses, from Fortune 500 to small and mid-size organisations, to realize the economic benefits of consolidated, self-managing storage. The company's flagship product, the PeerStorage Array 100E, is the industry's first automatic storage platform that delivers operational simplicity, functional integration, and high data availability in a single, scalable pool of storage.

Leslie Versweyveld

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