MobiHealth forms strategic alliance with Medco Health Solutions to connect physicians, patients, pharmacies and health care plans

Arlington 23 June 2004MobiHealth Inc., a provider of wireless clinical solutions and premier technology firm offering cutting-edge solutions to the health care industry, has formed a strategic alliance with Medco Health Solutions Inc., one of the United States' largest pharmacy benefit managers. Through the new alliance, MobiHealth will connect with Medco via RxHub LLC, facilitating an electronic data exchange enabling health care practitioners who use MobiHealth's m-Rx clinical prescription software to link to pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and health plans.


"The new alliance moves us one step closer to achieving our goal to assist physicians, nurses and clinicians to ensure patient safety by taking advantage of real-time information about patients' health plans, formularies and medication histories, and to reduce prescription errors at the point of care on a handheld device", stated Gene Poole, Director of Sales and Marketing of MobiHealth.

The strategic business arrangement between MobiHealth and RxHub, announced by MobiHealth in February 2004, provides a conduit of prescription information across all the linked parties, and helps to increase patient safety while reducing costs, streamlining operations and protecting patient privacy.

Members of the public took notice in 1999 when the Institute of Medicine released a report that between 44.000 and 98.000 deaths may result each year from medical errors in hospitals alone. According to this report, more than 7000 deaths each year are related to medications, with the estimated financial costs of drug-related morbidity and mortality reaching nearly $77 billion annually. A more recent study from the Institute for Safe Medical Practices in 2000 indicated that errors stemming from misinterpreted handwritten prescriptions are the second-most prevalent and costly mistake, factoring into 90.000 malpractice claims filed over a seven-year period from the late 1980's to early 1990's.

The new strategic alliance between MobiHealth and Medco will help to reduce prescription errors by utilizing MobiHealth's electronic prescribing technology to create a vital electronic link delivering prescription information to physicians during the patient visit in an effort to improve safety and provide quality, cost-effective care. MobiHealth's m-Rx application eliminates the need for time consuming activities by placing an intuitive prescription writer and prescription drug reference in the physician's hand. Physicians can access patient-specific information, including formulary, generic alternatives, drug interaction warnings, and other decision support information to treat patients safely and electronically route, fax and print prescriptions directly from the exam room.

Combined with MobiHealth's applications including charge capture, clinical documentation and lab order, m-Rx will add to the robust clinical suite that allows health care practitioners the flexibility to access existing patient prescription information and clinical tools during patient encounters.

Medco Health Solutions Inc., a pharmacy benefit manager with the nation's largest mail order pharmacy operations, assists its customers to moderate the cost and enhance the quality of prescription drug benefits provided to members nationwide. Its customers include private- and public-sector employers and health care organisations.

MobiHealth Inc. is a privately held corporation of mobile health care solutions. MobiHealth offers health care facilities and practitioners a suite of mobile applications such as charge capture, prescription writer, order entry and clinical modules, to enhance health care delivery at the point of care. The award-winning, proprietary solutions connect disparate health information and legacy systems creating a personalized approach for interoperability via HL7 messaging, empowering health care practitioners with the latest in innovative wireless technologies to streamline operations, reduce cost, increase revenue dramatically, and comply with regulatory requirements. More news on the company is available in the VMW June 2004 articles MobiHealth integrates RFID technology with wireless clinical solutions and MobiHealth allows health care practitioners to retrieve essential drug information directly at bedside on handheld

Leslie Versweyveld

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