Meridian Holdings' CGI Communications Services subsidiary inks joint marketing and teaming agreement with Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd.

Los Angeles 01 June 2004Meridian Holdings Inc.'s CGI Communications Services Inc. subsidiary, has entered into a teaming and joint marketing agreement with Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. (TRCL), located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will jointly market and promote to current and prospective customers the sale of their complementary and compatible products for use in telehealth and telemedicine, as well as supporting the pursuit of mutually advantageous business opportunities, in the global telemedicine arena.


TRCL specifically seeks to work with CGI in integrating and implementing the InterCare Clinical Explorer (ICE) software product suite in Bangladesh and other Far East countries, in order to harness the advanced efficiencies and capabilities of current medical, information, and communications technologies built into ICE Electronic Health Record and Telemedicine software, to improve the delivery and affordability of health care, both primary and specialized, in rural populations world wide. The joint team of TRCL and CGI Communications Inc. is setting up pilot rural medical centres in Bangladesh under the "Integrated Rural Health Information System" (IRHIS) project of TRCL in Bangladesh.

"After many years of research and development in telehealth care sector, TRCL is teaming up with potential technology corporations for a low-cost turn-key e-Health care solution for developing countries. We are very proud to be working with CGI Communications Services Inc., whose Electronic Health Record and associated telehealth solutions, have greater economy through the use of low cost technology, robust and innovative software, and portability of equipment with an average turn-key end-user e-health care system at a cost of less than $10.000, which is a prime objective of TRCL. We project that the combined e-health care system of CGI Communications Services Inc. and TRCL will be more cost-effective than many of the existing systems that are currently available, and will fit the budget of developing countries, whose need for such a solution is significant, yet limited in respective market for prohibitive cost", stated Dr. Zakir, President and CEO of TRCL.

"We are enthusiastic about the potential represented in this agreement, which is designed to support classic and customized applications and create mutually advantageous business opportunities that will demonstrate the exceptional flexibility of the ICE Electronic Health Record and Integrated Rural Health Information System (IRHIS) of TRCL among predisposed end-users, especially providers of health care services in the developing nations", stated Dr. Dike, Chairman and CEO of MRDH.

Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd., headed by Dr. Sikder M. Zakir, provides low-cost technological and medical solutions to health care organisations in developing countries and has pioneered development of international teleconsultation services in Bangladesh. TRCL is implementing an ambitious integrated rural health information system (IRHIS) in Bangladesh, where rural doctors will be provided with expert medical consultative services from capital city Dhaka. Although it is a privately funded project, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is playing a significant role in IRHIS programme implementation.

Under the IRHIS project, TRCL is deploying 64 rural medical centres in all 64 districts of Bangladesh during the first phase. Each rural centre consists of a physician's practising office, a pathology laboratory and a pharmacy retail store, which will be managed and operated under a central network system through the IRHIS Portal.

CGI Communications Services Inc. specializes in providing cost-effective turnkey support for implementation and operation of telemedicine and other information technology services in health care and associated environments, including providers at all levels, insurance carriers, pharmaceutical and clinical research. CGI's goal is to serve as a one-stop-shop for turnkey solutions, including hardware, software and support services, provided in the "application service model" and requiring minimal investment by the client.

Current product/service lines available from CGI include:

  • InterCare Clinical Explorer [ICE], a product of InterCare DX Inc. (ICCO), a scalable electronic medical charting and telemedicine software solution with data-sharing capabilities, designed by clinicians and medical informatics professionals to integrate work flow, eliminate costly errors, while fulfilling all administrative, billing and compliance requirements;
  • Portable Record [PR-ICE], based on a device designed to be carried by all insured persons and incorporating biometric authentication for access to health care services and medical records; and a full menu of back-office support services to increase administrative accuracy and efficiency and
  • Patient Centric Web Portal, for access to some aspect of the patient medical record via a secure Internet Web portal, anytime, anywhere.

InterCare DX Inc., an affiliate of Meridian Holdings Inc., developed and markets under an exclusive value-added reseller agreement with Meridian Holdings Inc., InterCare Clinical Explorer, an innovative, robust and totally scalable Electronic Health Record and telemedicine software application, designed to integrate every aspect of the health care enterprise. InterCare provides implementation and support for the ICE software product suite, which is used to document and track inpatient and outpatient diagnoses and treatment modalities in various health care environments, ranging from individual practices to entire hospital systems.

Meridian Holdings Inc. is a health care services and technology company. Meridian's network of affiliated companies is designed to encourage maximum leverage of information technology, operational excellence, industry expertise, and synergistic business opportunities. Meridian is committed to building shareholder value by positioning affiliated companies as independent business entities in which Meridian shareholders enjoy equity participation.

Leslie Versweyveld

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