Estco Medical launches new Web site and resource centre for eHealth Initiative

Bethesda 15 June 2004Estco Medical has launched a revamped Web site for eHealth Initiative. EHealth Initiative and its Foundation are focused on the improvement of health care through information and information technology. Estco redesigned the look and feel of the site and incorporated Medigent Content Management System (CMS) Version 2.5. The CMS allows eHealth to update and maintain the site navigation and incorporate the latest news, events and industry information. Additionally, the site features membership applications, on-line newsletters, information sign ups and serves as the main portal to eHealth's subgroups.


"As we grow in membership and expand on-line resources, the Medigent software has allowed us to offer our members and site users with the best possible resources. The easy-to-use applications have been beneficial to our busy internal staff and allow them to disseminate new content, event listing and funding/grant updates as well as organise it by industry category", stated David L. Dieterich, Senior Vice President for the eHealth Initiative.

Estco Medical also further enhanced the Web site of eHealth's subgroup, Connecting Communities for Better Health (CCBH). Originally launched by Estco last quarter using Medigent CMS, the latest site also incorporates Medigent Collaborate to power an on-line resource network and make CCBH a direct part of the main eHealth Web site.

The Community Learning Network is an on-line information sharing network and resource centre for communities moving from paper-based record-keeping to electronic health records (EHR). Collaborate allows CCBH staff to centrally manage the extensive repository of text, image and other multimedia materials, such as current research, advice and IT expertise about electronic health information exchange. CCBH used Collaborate to organise the network into seven categories and allow site visitors to view information by various perspectives and by job function.

The purpose of the Connecting Communities for Better Health programme is to provide seed funding and technical support to multi-stakeholder collaboratives within communities that are using electronic health information exchange and other IT tools to drive improvements in health care quality, safety and efficiency.

The eHealth Initiative and the Foundation for eHealth Initiative are independent, non-profit affiliated organisations whose missions are the same: to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care through information and information technology.

Founded in 1999, Estco Medical is the creator of the Web-based Medigent software suite, which aids pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and other life science companies in launching and managing on-line marketing initiatives. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, GE Medical Systems, Aspect Medical Systems and Panacea Pharmaceuticals are among the life science companies using the Medigent software suite to better communicate, educate and validate processes through every part of a product marketing life cycle. The Medigent software suite includes components for content management, media and investor relations, product and clinical education, community development and outcomes and market research studies.

You can find the new Web site at eHealth Initiative and its Foundation. The resource centre is located at the Community Learning Network site. You can also visit the Connecting Communities for Better Health programme.

Leslie Versweyveld

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