1600 general practitioners and 750 pharmacists service six million Dutch patients through BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1

San Jose 15 June 2004PharmaPartners B.V., one of the largest independent software vendors (ISVs) in health care in The Netherlands, has selected BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 as the foundation for its technological infrastructure, eHealth Information Concept, which can allow approximately 1600 general practitioners, 750 pharmacies and 50 health centres in The Netherlands to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.


PharmaPartners, established twenty-six years ago, offers several integrated IT-solutions, including Medicom for general practitioners and Pharmacom for pharmacists. According to PharmaPartners, the basis for qualitative, effective and efficient health care is fast access to reliable and complete information. To be able to offer this fast access to its clients, now and in the future, PharmaPartners wanted to create an infrastructure that is based entirely on adaptable, open Internet technology. The company tested several solutions for its application server and selected BEA Systems after a thorough selection process.

"The health care industry is under continuous constraints: not only is legislation and the structure of the Dutch social security system changing, consumers are ever more emancipated", stated Egbert van Gelder, product manager/researcher at PharmaPartners. "As a market leader in this sector, we want to be able to offer the highest possible service to our clients and we want to be as flexible as possible to adapt to the changing market. Therefore, we were looking for an IT vendor that could offer a robust, scalable and standards-based solution and excellent support. But more importantly, we were looking for a business partner that could help us develop and market new solutions. After a thorough selection process, BEA Systems was the obvious choice."

Since implementation of BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1, PharmaPartners' solutions have dramatically improved in performance, on average between 40 percent to 50 percent faster. The company conducted several tests of important tasks in the product, such as scheduling appointments or opening patient records. The time it takes to conduct these tasks was reduced significantly, from 4 seconds to 2,5 seconds and from 10 seconds down to 5 seconds, respectively. With the new infrastructure, based on the BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1, bandwidth use can be significantly reduced. This is especially important for PharmaPartners as their solutions are based on a client-server model.

PharmaPartners will take a phased approach to roll out the new Concept infrastructure to its customers. PharmaPartners decided to use the same data structure for the new environment, meaning both the old and the new environment can run simultaneously, which can allow PharmaPartners' clients enough time to get used to the new solution. At the same time, PharmaPartners can maintain its high level of service. The entire migration, which includes the replacement of hard- and software is scheduled to take three years.

BEA Systems Inc. is an application infrastructure software company, providing the enterprise software foundation that allows thousands of companies to benefit from service-oriented architectures. With more than 15.000 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500, BEA and its WebLogic and Tuxedo brands are among the most trusted names in business. Headquartered in San Jose, California, BEA has 71 offices in 34 countries.

Leslie Versweyveld

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