CompuMed selects Schiller data platform for remote ECG system upgrade and wins New York and California statewide contracts

Los Angeles 20 July 2004CompuMed Inc., a medical informatics company serving the health care community with diagnostic software solutions, has selected global patient monitoring/data acquisition systems expert Schiller AG to provide a new server platform and terminals for its upgraded CardioGram remote electrocardiograph (ECG) product line. In addition, CompuMed has been awarded a five year renewal of its contract to provide electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation systems and services for the New York State Department of Correctional Services (NYDOCS) and a three-year statewide contract to provide the same services for the California Department of Corrections (CDC).


Based in Baar, Switzerland, Schiller is the world's leader in electrocardiograph sales, capturing approximately 60 percent of the market. Schiller is customizing its new Sem@Net data management solution to meet CompuMed's specifications as the new platform for its CardioGram remote ECG interpretation system.

"We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Schiller", stated Jerry McLaughlin, CompuMed's CEO. "Schiller's sophisticated server platform and highly advanced Internet-enabled ECG terminals are an ideal fit with our expansion into international markets."

CompuMed's traditional core business is providing remote ECG interpretation services to medical facilities that may not have access to trained physicians qualified to interpret ECG results. Customers for the company's CardioGram system are typically ambulatory surgery centres, occupational health clinics, physicians' offices and correctional facilities. One of the Cardiogram's many advantages is an optional feature that automatically sends ECG results to a trained cardiologist for an overread when the results are abnormal.

With heart disease as the number one cause of death worldwide, CompuMed has been exploring opportunities to launch its CardioGram service overseas. The company believes that an overread by an American cardiologist could be a value-added service in countries where cardiologists are not readily available.

Under the New York State contract, NYDOCS will purchase a minimum of 87 new CardioGram systems along with ongoing ECG remote interpretation services. The new Internet-optimized CardioGram system is based on an advanced server platform created by Schiller AG and customized to meet CompuMed's specifications.

"We are pleased that New York State renewed our contract for an additional five year term", stated Jerry McLaughlin. "The purchase of these new ECG terminals will enable the State's correctional facilities to keep inmate medical costs under control via timely remote diagnosis of potentially serious health problems."

As one of the largest correctional systems in the nation, the New York Department of Correctional Services is responsible for the confinement and rehabilitation of about 65.000 inmates held at 70 state correctional facilities.

Under the terms of the California statewide contract, CompuMed's CardioGram system will be used to provide remote cardiac screening for selected detention facilities in the Department's system. The CDC will rent a minimum of 30 CardioGram terminals, along with ongoing ECG remote interpretation services.

"We are delighted to earn the California Department of Corrections' contract for a three year term", stated Jerry McLaughlin. "With the state looking for ways to trim its budget, the CardioGram significantly reduces health care costs via remote cardiac screening at the point-of-care."

Founded in 1973, CompuMed, Inc. is a provider of computer-aided telemedicine and diagnostics technology. The company's core products are the OsteoGram and CardioGram systems. The OsteoGram, which is cleared by the FDA for commercial use, is an accurate and precise technology for low-cost osteoporosis testing. The CardioGram system remotely interprets electrocardiograms and is used by private practice, government and corporate health care providers nationwide. The CardioGram has the additional capability to automatically provide an overread by a cardiologist. More CompuMed news can be found in the VMW May 2004 article CompuMed to receive second OsteoGram patent and file claim for OsteoClick business model

Leslie Versweyveld

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