New European Union-funded Biopattern project will help combat cancer and brain diseases

Plymouth 12 July 2004A groundbreaking European project led by the University of Plymouth will help to combat major diseases such as cancer and brain diseases. The 6,4 million European Union-funded Biopattern Network of Excellence project will integrate key elements of European research to enable Europe to become a world leader in eHealth care. The four-year project, which involves 31 institutions across Europe, was launched in Milan on Friday 9 July, when the first workshop took place.


The project's key aim is to tackle and reduce fragmentation in the new field of biopattern and profile analysis. A biopattern is the basic information or pattern that provides clues about underlying clinical evidence for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. A bioprofile is a personal "fingerprint" that fuses together a person's current and past medical history, biopattern and prognosis.

Speaking about the project, Emmanuel Ifeachor, Professor of Intelligent Electronic Systems at the University of Plymouth, stated: "The grand vision is to develop a pan-European, coherent and intelligent analysis of an individual's bioprofile; to make the analysis of this bioprofile remotely accessible to patients and clinicians, and to exploit the bioprofile to combat major diseases such as cancer and brain diseases."

"Biopattern brings together researchers in medical informatics and bioinformatics from academia, the health care sector and industry in a new way, harnessing expertise and information to put Europe at the forefront of eHealth. The project aims to identify how bioprofiles could be exploited for individualised health care such as disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment", added Professor Ifeachor.

Leader of the Evaluation Task Force of Biopattern, Dr. Elia Biganzoli from the Unit of Medical Statistics and Biometry of the National Cancer Institute, Milan, stated: "We are delighted to be hosting the first event for the Biopattern project with partners across Europe. We see the key benefits of the Biopattern Network of Excellence in the multi-disciplinary approach for bioprofile analysis. The synergy from joint efforts of researchers from different fields is needed to offer the European Union citizen a realistic perspective of the improvement of patient care trough the exploitation of biopatterns."

Leslie Versweyveld

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