CompuMed expands global distribution of OsteoGram and releases computed radiography system with integrated osteoperosis diagnostics

Los Angeles 27 July 2004CompuMed Inc.,a medical informatics company serving the health care community with diagnostic software solutions, has partnered with seven additional, highly experienced medical imaging product distributors to expand worldwide sales of its OsteoGram osteoporosis imaging system. With OsteoGram sales already growing in Asia and North America, the new distributors will be charged specifically with launching sales efforts in Europe and expanding existing sales in the Middle East.


The new distributors represent the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Iran. They recently attended a CompuMed sales training programme in Prague, where they were briefed on the OsteoGram system and its unique, low-cost technology for osteoporosis screening, monitoring and diagnostics.

"We are pleased to join forces with our new distribution partners to enter the European market and expand existing sales in the Middle East", stated Jerry McLaughlin, CompuMed's CEO. "Europe is rapidly adopting digital X-ray equipment, and our team of experienced distributors understands the market's need for CAD solutions such as the OsteoGram."

The OsteoGram is a software-based imaging system that enables health care providers to screen, diagnose and monitor osteoporosis using a conventional film-based hand x-ray or digital image derived from filmless x-ray equipment. Osteoporosis is a "silent" degenerative disease that affects more than 44 million Americans.

CompuMed recently introduced a DICOM (Digital Communications and Imaging in Medicine) compliant version of the OsteoGram for use on digital imaging platforms. DICOM is the international information standard that allows the new generation of medical imaging equipment to interconnect. Systems based on the standard have become a high growth segment of the global medical imaging market. The new DICOM version of the OsteoGram enables health care professionals who perform osteoporosis screening to achieve workstation consolidation by eliminating the need for dedicated and expensive equipment, computers, office space and staff.

"I look forward to the results that will be achieved by our new partners in key international markets", Jerry McLaughlin stated. "Several have existing distribution agreements with digital radiography manufacturers that will complement our efforts, and two have already initiated marketing trials in their respective countries."

CompuMed has also made available the DICOM version of its OsteoGram system as a value-added component of computed radiography (CR) platforms sold by Orex Computed Radiography. Orex is a global expert in the development of filmless medical imaging equipment.

In 2003, CompuMed and Orex announced a licensing agreement to integrate the OsteoGram software into Orex workstations. Orex is specialized in the health care industry's shift from film-based to digital radiography platforms. Such platforms represent a high growth market in the global imaging field, as hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices replace older, analogue systems in an effort to eliminate film costs, messy chemicals and darkrooms.

"I am pleased that the OsteoGram is now available for sale as part of the Orex CR system", stated Jerry McLaughlin. "Clinicians can now take advantage of the workstation consolidation provided by the combination of the two technologies, that together eliminate the need for redundant diagnostic equipment, computers and specially trained staff."

CompuMed and Orex have been working since the fall of last year on product integration to offer a system that reduces labour costs. When the operator of an Orex CR system inserts the specially designed OsteoGram cassette into the CR reader, the programme is automatically launched. Seconds later, a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) report is presented. Low BMD is the marker for osteoporosis.

"CompuMed looks forward to working with Orex in global markets", Jerry McLaughlin added. "We jointly displayed the new enhanced CR workstation product at the recent ChinaMed Expo in Beijing. In addition, Orex's distribution agreement with the Medical Solutions Group of Siemens Ltd., China will assist our penetration into the Chinese market for digitally-based osteoporosis testing, which serves more than 125 million post menopausal women at risk."

Founded in 1973, CompuMed Inc. is a provider of computer-aided telemedicine and diagnostics technology. The company's core products are the OsteoGram and CardioGram systems. The OsteoGram, which is cleared by the FDA for commercial use, is an accurate and precise technology for low-cost osteoporosis testing. The CardioGram system remotely interprets electrocardiograms and is used by private practice, government and corporate health care providers nationwide. The CardioGram has the additional capability to automatically provide an overread by a cardiologist. More news on the CardioGram is available in this VMW issue's article CompuMed selects Schiller data platform for remote ECG system upgrade and wins New York and California statewide contracts

Leslie Versweyveld

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