E-Ceptionist Telehealth Manager begins Medway NHS Trust and Iraq service

Gillingham, An Nasiriyah 10 August 2004Medway NHS Trust has signed a contract with E-Ceptionist Inc. for the use of the E-Ceptionist Telehealth Manager. The E-Ceptionist Telehealth Manager will be used by Medway to run the tele-dermatology programme at the Trust. The Italian military has begun using the E-Ceptionist Telehealth Manager in Iraq to run the telemedicine station at Tallil Airbase that serves both Italian soldiers in Iraq as well as local humanitarian needs.


E-Ceptionist, provided through the Italian company TelBios, allows the Italian military's medical workers in Iraq to transfer clinical data and images between the hospital in Tallil and the Celio Military Hospital in Rome. In addition, E-Ceptionist provides the ability to link the Tallil telemedicine station with other hospitals in the TelBios telemedicine network.

The Italian Minister of Defense, Antonio Martino, inaugurated the hospital on May 26, 2004 at the Tallil Airbase southeast of Baghdad and outside the city of An Nasiriyah. "This service offers enormous advantages. It will be as if the entire Celio hospital is available to soldiers in An Nasiriyah", stated Mr. Martino.

"E-Ceptionist allows the Italian military to offer health services to soldiers in Iraq that would not be available without the Telehealth Manager platform", stated Dirk Voorhees, E-Ceptionist's President and Chief Executive Officer. Merrick Alpert, E-Ceptionist's Chairman, added: "As a former member of the United States military, I am honoured that we can assist our coalition partner in the rebuilding of Iraq."

TelBios is a telemedicine company based in Milan, Italy. The company, founded in 1996, is a joint venture of Telecom Italia, San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, Alenia Spazio and Value Partners. Based on the joint venture partners' consolidated experience and specific technology, TelBios is focused on three different business areas: telemedicine, home care and e-learning. TelBios has also developed its activities in the military health domain and provides tele-consulting and tele-diagnosis services to the Italian Army engaged in peacekeeping operations abroad.

At the National Health Service (NHS) Trust in Gillingham, E-Ceptionist allows Medway's staff to book dermatology appointments and manage the e-health process between the general practitioners, nurses, dermatologists (consultants) and patients in the Trust region, thereby reducing the waiting period for such consultations.

Medway NHS Trust Chief Executive, Andrew Horne, emphasised the speed with which the solution was delivered: "It was less than a week from the day we first contacted E-Ceptionist to the day they completed the installation of the system and the training of our staff. It was a remarkably smooth process at an affordable price."

"E-Ceptionist allows Medway to greatly reduce the Trust's dermatology waiting lists while delivering the highest quality care to the Trust's patients", stated Dirk Voorhees. Merrick Alpert added: "Medway joins our other United Kingdom customers as they bring their waiting lists into compliance with NHS requirements. We are honoured to assist them in achieving this important objective."

Medway NHS Trust serves a population of 360.000 people in the Medway and Swale areas. The main focus of Medway NHS Trust is running acute hospital services from the Medway Maritime Hospital at Gillingham for the local population. The Trust is also responsible for a neonatal intensive care unit that is a centre of excellence, and an integrated Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) audiology and orthodontic service for the population of North Kent. Employing some 3300 staff, the Trust has an annual budget of over 100 million pounds Sterling.

E-Ceptionist Inc. is a privately held company located in Houston, Texas. E-Ceptionist is dedicated to improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of health care organisations through the development of its E-Ceptionist e-health platform, its state-of-the-art Electronic Patient Record (EPR), and its four operating modules: Case Manager, Disease Manager, Schedule Manager and Telehealth Manager. E-Ceptionist Inc. provides service in multiple languages to customers throughout the world.

E-Ceptionist's customers include the United States Military, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Telecom Italia's "TelBios" in Italy. More news about the company is available in the VMW May 2004 article Italian National Organ Transplant System to use E-Ceptionist

Leslie Versweyveld

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