Juniper Networks and Sana Security deliver defense-in-depth solution for Cambridge Health Alliance

San Mateo 11 August 2004Sana Security Inc., specialized in intrusion prevention software (IPS), has teamed with Juniper Networks Inc. to deliver an IT security solution for Cambridge Health Alliance (the Alliance), an award-winning Massachusetts-based health care system that serves Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston's Metro-North region. The Alliance's layered Sana Security-Juniper Networks solution provides network, application and host protection from known and unknown Internet threats to secure patient information, maintain regulatory compliance and empower its affiliated hospitals and physicians with the information, applications and services necessary for world-class provision of care.


The Sana Security and Juniper Networks solution allows the Alliance to enforce access control and host-based security across its network. The deployment combines Sana Security's intrusion prevention security software Primary Response, with Juniper Networks NetScreen integrated firewall and virtual private network (VPN) devices as well as its intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) systems. As a result, the Alliance has a highly effective end-to-end/defense-in-depth security posture.

"After trying other products that were inadequate due to a reliance on signatures or rules, or were simply too cumbersome to manage, we are pleased that Sana Security and Juniper Networks are able to provide a simple yet comprehensive defense-in-depth solution that fits our heterogeneous IT infrastructure", stated Dan Cameron, exchange and Internet/intranet engineer, at the Alliance. "As a primary teaching site for Harvard Medical School, we need to maintain high quality standards, both clinically and in our infrastructure. This solution gives us iron-clad protection at both the network and application levels, meets strict HIPAA regulations, and saves time and money that used to be spent on frantically patching software holes and chasing after falsely identified attacks."

The Alliance has deployed Sana Security's Primary Response intrusion prevention software on servers that host applications for the Cambridge Hospital, Somerville Hospital, Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett, the Cambridge Public Health Department, and over 20 primary care sites. The world's only security software approach based upon the principles of the human immune system, Primary Response provides customers with out-of-the-box code injection suppression, pro-active vulnerability exploit detection and real-time prevention from zero-day attacks, worms and hackers and an immediate return on investment by forgoing frequent security patch fire drills. As a result, Cambridge Health Alliance will be able to dramatically improve the accessibility of critical resources for its affiliates.

To provide security and access control at the network perimeter as well as at multiple levels inside the enterprise network, the Alliance also has deployed Juniper Networks IDP and firewall solutions to operate inline to detect and drop malicious traffic in real-time before it reaches its victim.

"The highly distributed network operated by the Alliance is a dynamic, adaptive environment requiring strong protection from a myriad of network- and application-level threats", stated David Flynn, vice president of security products, Juniper Networks. "We are pleased to see that the Alliance has realized the value that a Juniper Networks and Sana solution can provide to secure critical resources and reduce operational overhead."

"Like many other forward-thinking companies, the Alliance is moving towards IT security solutions that deliver defense in depth throughout the enterprise by assembling an interoperable combination of the best solutions available on the market to pro-actively secure applications and eliminate the burden and high costs of the proverbial race to patch", stated John Zicker, chairman and CEO, Sana Security Inc. "Primary Response protects both custom and off-the-shelf applications that are usually located at the core of enterprise networks, but are no less vulnerable to worms and hackers."

Juniper Networks transforms the business of networking by creating competitive advantage for its customers with superior networking and security solutions. Juniper Networks is dedicated to customers who derive strategic value from their networks, including global network operators, enterprises, government agencies and research and educational institutions. Juniper Networks' portfolio of networking and security solutions supports the complex scale, security and performance requirements of the world's most demanding mission critical networks.

Sana Security develops and markets host-based intrusion prevention software (HIPS) that provides the best protection from known and unknown attacks with the lowest, most predictable operating costs. Founded to commercialize breakthrough Sana Adaptive Profiling Technology (SanAPT) developed by founder Dr. Steven Hofmeyr, Sana Security's first product, Primary Response, protects the broadest range of platforms and applications, and requires fewer resources to manage, deploy and scale by eliminating the need for constant updating and management by security experts. Sana Security is funded by venture capital firms Bay Partners, El Dorado Ventures and Sevin Rosen Funds.

Leslie Versweyveld

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