VEPRO to install teleradiological network between four hospitals practices

Pfungstadt 03 August 2004The radiological practice Dres. Reinheimer, Simon and Stoelben in Wittlich for some time can benefit from the advantages of a digital practice work flow with a VEPRO PACS of the extra class. Apart from the complete connection of all modalities in the hospital Wittlich, the intelligent IT solution covers a teleradiological networking with three other practices in the hospitals Bernkastel, Zell and Daun as well as the smooth integration of five home offices. Thus four more radiological locations are completely networked with digital information systems of the VEPRO AG in Germany.


The Wittlich teleradiological network

In the radiological practice in Wittlich an individual to the practice work routine fitted VEPRO PACS was implemented, which fulfils all needs of a modern radiology. Thus from the registration up to the findings all picture, sound and text data becomes entirely digitally administrated. This is possible by the multi-functionality of a VEPRO PACS, which covers all hard- and software components for the creation of findings, the archiving of data in the uniform DICOM format as well as for the image processing and image distribution.

All modalities and sub-systems were integrated successfully into the VEPRO solution. Via DICOM worklists the management system of MEDISTAR could also be fully integrated, although it does not support the communication standards such as HL7 and DICOM. Beside a 3D workstation, the solution includes several multi-monitor workstations and offers the practice a comfortable possibility for working with an absolutely safe archive solution using a 5 level RAID on-line server, expandable on up to 128 Terabyte, a 750 GB back-up server as well as a fully automatic CD/DVD robot for the data migration on not-erasable long-term media.

At the request of the practice in Wittlich VEPRO realized a teleradiology solution connecting to three co-operating practices in surrounding hospitals and to five external home offices. The central archiving of the data takes place in the practice Wittlich. For the reliability at the three networked locations smaller servers were additionally installed, which guarantee system availability even if the data line should not be usable at short notice. Thus now a timely availability of radiological pictures and interpretations at all locations is possible, which does not only lead to a large facilitation of work for the physicians, but also to shortened waiting periods for the patients.

The realization of a teleradiological solution demands high requirements of the competence of the manufacturers of such systems. VEPRO, with more than 20 years experience in digital picture management systems for the medical area, thereby guarantees not only the standardisation of interfaces, communication protocols and formats with their PACS, but also ensures a safe finding documentation during clear picture patient allocation and the technical realization of a highly effective data security via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Here the Internet is used as "carrier medium". Each available, standardized entrance technology, e.g. also SDSL and ADSL, can be used for the data communication. VPN provides a safe tunnel connection on the Internet, which can be used only by authorized physicians and staff members at teleworkstations or at home offices. An optimal coding technology additionally ensures that all data attain only to the correct hands.

"Our VEPRO PACS enables picture and finding distribution in the most modern and simplest way. Starting from the time of the radiological investigation of the patient all data such as images, findings, and patient data, are completely combined in a digital patient record and can be sent very fast to obtain expert opinions. Without teleradiology the picture used to be printed out and sent to the expert. When it arrived the finding was created. Thereby all pictures and pre-findings usually had to be available for the comparison and afterwards the findings were sent back again to the requesting hospital", according to the development department of the VEPRO AG.

"In teleradiology however the requesting physician nowadays uses the system for transference of image data. So the expert has the entire image material available within seconds and can create the finding on-line. The benefit of the teleradiology solution is multifarious. Not only expert consultations but also central findings as well as teleconferences are possible problem-free with a VEPRO teleradiology solution", as stated by the VEPRO AG development department. More news on the VEPRO PACS is available in the VMW August 2004 article Health Science Research Institute in North of Thailand to install VEPRO PACS solution

Leslie Versweyveld

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