Helios Clinic Oberwald to throw old jukeboxes out and put Vepro on-line server in

Pfungstadt 20 August 2004Reliable IT archiving concepts of the latest state of the art are essential especially in medicine. Only a fast data access from each desired workstation allows a smooth and efficient work flow. In order to be able to use all advantages of current storage technologies, the Helios Clinic Oberwald, Germany, this summer together with VEPRO modernized their existing archiving strategies by the newest on-line storage technologies and an additional failure security concept.


Diagnosis Workstation

The clinical centre Oberwald is one of four hospitals of the Helios group, which trust in the innovative IT concepts of the international provider. For eight years the hospital personnel works successfully with a VEPRO PACS. The previous archive concept of the IT solution, which was based on a 300 GB on-line server and a 2,6 TB Jukebox, has now been replaced with an ON-LINE POWER server with redundant back-up server due to the growing requirements of the clinical centre. By the nearly endless and inexpensive extension with ON-LINE data storage the usage of the previous and also successing Jukeboxes, which can make data available only time-delayed, is obsolete.

With the expandable storage volume on up to 128 TB the RAID 5 server is one of the strongest and most seminal investments into current storage technologies. In the best way equipped with high-speed processors as well as an integrated Web server the DICOM able server guarantees highest performance with immediate data access also on extreme network conditions. Several parallel usable Gigabit network connections ensure thereby clinic wide on-demand access in real time - both to the data of the last eight years as well as to all image, audio and text documents incurring in the future.

The high speedable 750 GB RAID back-up server completes the security concept and during an outfall or a maintenance of the central archive keeps all patient data parallel available. This means that the clinical centre is protected against system crashes to one hundred percent at any time.

For the long-term archiving of the data on inextinguishable media as well as for the production of patient CDs VEPRO used a fully automatic DVD/CD robot in the Helios Clinic Oberwald. This migrates at night independently all added image data on DVD and guarantees the law-conformal long-term archiving on not-erasable data media.

The Helios Clinic Oberwald showed themselves enthusiastic about the new solution: "Because of our high amount of data and the necessary availability of the data we need today clever archiving possibilities, by which all images and findings are very fast available on each workstation. We are entirely convinced by the on-line server concept of the company VEPRO with advantages such as speed, security and an unbeatable price-performance ratio."

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Leslie Versweyveld

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