Virtual Compute Corporation unveils Houston based On-Demand supercomputing resources for medical research

Houston 30 August 2004Virtual Compute Corporation will dedicate a portion of their supercomputing infrastructure to the biomedical segments of the "On-Demand" HPC industry. The new vCompute Bioinformatics Group has a very interesting approach to medical research by applying advanced supercomputing and data mining methodologies.


This division of vCompute has pulled together significant resources in one location for researchers in the fields of Computational Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacogenetics, Cheminformatics, Medical Informatics and Rational Drug Design. These resources will allow clients to increase the speed of research results by utilizing advanced computational systems that were not commercially available before.

VCompute's Bioinformatics Group understands that research methodologies in these fields are compute-intensive. Therefore vCompute has assembled cutting edge supercomputing resources, algorithms and heuristics that are computationally efficient on both Grid-based and serial or parallel supercomputing systems.

"This particular area of On-Demand high performance computing allows us to recognize the value of supercomputing in areas that benefit humanity the most. Advanced medical research, computer-aided drug designs, genetic engineering, nanotechnology development and other important research can be accomplished through the use of these systems", commented Edward Hawes the CEO of vCompute.

vCompute's advanced systems provide high performance computing capabilities for futuristic medical research and the deployment of their bioinformatics supercomputing configuration clearly provides a valuable resource to these organisations.

"This advanced supercomputing configuration will provide researchers with computational power to run the algorithms and databases that facilitate the understanding of biological processes at speeds they have not had before. The other ingredient is the Grid connectivity which will allow our centre to become a logical extension of the client research facility", continued Edward Hawes.

Virtual Compute Corporation is clearly dedicated to advancing the capabilities of medical research by applying supercomputing power and advanced data mining techniques. The management of Virtual Compute Corporation believes this will be the most valuable division of the company over the long term. Virtual Compute Corporation is a provider of On-Demand High-Performance Computing and IT Infrastructure Management for commercial and government entities.

Leslie Versweyveld

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