PanGo introduces PanGo Locator|Healthcare for hospitals and teams with Colubris to implement mobile health care Wi-Fi solutions

Framingham 14 September 2004PanGo Networks Inc., a provider of location aware systems for WiFi Networks, has launched PanGo Locator|Healthcare, a complete asset tracking and visibility system for hospitals. PanGo Locator|Healthcare is the first asset tracking product for caregivers, facilities and biomedical departments that provides a true end user application and yet does not require a single-use proprietary RFID network. Powered by the latest version of PanOS, the company¬??s patent-protected software platform, PanGo Locator|Healthcare uses standards-based 802.11 wireless access point infrastructure as its reader network. In addition, Colubris Networks and PanGo Networks have signed a global technology, sales and marketing agreement to provide integrated mobile health care solutions.


As part of its product launch, PanGo also announced OEM partnerships with Four Rivers Software Systems and Tele-Tracking Technologies, software and solutions companies with more than 1400 hospital customers in North America and the United Kingdom. The new partners will integrate and distribute PanGo's systems into their own industry-leading offerings.

"Many care delivery organisations with a need to track the location of mobile assets have an existing 802.11 wireless infrastructure. Using a location tracking approach that leverages the existing infrastructure can lead to significant cost savings compared to installing a separate wireless location management system", stated Barry Hieb, M.D., Research Director, Gartner Healthcare.

PanGo Locator/Healthcare includes business logic, iconography and other UI components to serve the unique needs of the more than 6000 hospital in the United States alone. These hospitals either purchase or lease billions of dollars worth of biomedical equipment each year. Most hospitals over-procure equipment to provide ready access and availability in mission critical situations. Real time asset visibility will reduce or eliminate millions of dollars of over-spending and under-utilization of assets.

PanGo Locator|Healthcare allows hospitals to:

  • immediately locate essential equipment and other assets
  • improve loss prevention
  • optimize work flow by matching caregiver and patient with the most appropriate equipment
  • enhance admissions, discharge and transport, scheduling and maintenance systems with real time visibility technology
  • realize rapid ROI from existing or planned 802.11 infrastructure
  • reduce or eliminate the time to find biomedical and patient transport equipment
  • decrease annual equipment leasing or purchasing

PanGo has worked with Cisco Systems Inc. to deliver a turnkey system at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston, Massachusetts. A recognized leader in the health care industry, BIDMC was seeking a Wi-Fi based asset tracking solution that is easy to use and offers centralized management of both systems. BIDMC has implemented the joint solution in their Emergency Room Department and Cardiac Critical Care Units of the hospital. Future plans include expanding this solution to both BIDMC campuses by the end of next year and eventually tracking thousands of pieces of biomedical equipment, and ultimately medical professionals and the patients themselves.

"At Beth Israel, we've built a culture which fosters dependence on IT and we get rewarded for optimizing our work flow processes", stated John Halamka Chief Information Officer, CareGroup Health System. "We adopt cutting edge - new but proven - technologies as opposed to bleeding edge - high risk - technologies, especially when a patient's life is at stake. PanGo is one of few vendors that provides active RFID geo locationing over existing Wi-Fi networks, allowing us to leverage our existing network infrastructure investment. Their robust, high value approach made them the obvious choice."

"Cisco is pleased to be working with PanGo Networks to extend Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Cisco Aironet wireless network to track and manage mobile assets for the enhancement of health care work flow and business processes", stated Bill Rossi, Vice-President and General Manager of Cisco's Wireless Networking Business Unit.

Tele-Tracking Technologies, specialized in health care work flow automation, and Four Rivers Software Systems, a provider of preventative maintenance management software for hospitals, have signed OEM relationships with PanGo. Both companies are integrating Locator|Healthcare into their existing products. The value of the new integrated partner solutions is extremely compelling and will help hospitals save millions of dollars each year, while also helping them increase revenue through better capacity management.

"Almost anything of value in a hospital is either on two legs, four wheels or is otherwise portable and in constant motion", stated Michael Campbell, President and CEO of PanGo Networks. "The strategic relationships with Tele-Tracking Technologies and Four Rivers Software Systems validate the impact of real time location information on critical business process and asset management systems and provide the first wave of exciting new wireless applications for hospitals."

Colubris Networks, an expert in the wireless infrastructure sector, is also partnering with PanGo as part of its outreach to the enterprise and health care markets. The two companies will work together to provide wireless solutions to customers who seek secure, reliable wireless networking while also taking advantage of emerging location-aware applications.

The first of its kind solution combines PanGo's location-aware system with Colubris' multi-service, enterprise wireless LAN system (WLAN) allowing hospital staff and caregivers to increase enterprise asset visibility by tracking critical medical equipment, key personnel and patients faster, thus improving operating efficiencies while saving millions of dollars per year in lost productivity and revenue.

"Successfully deploying wireless systems requires tremendous confidence in the networks supporting these emerging applications", stated Michael Campbell, president and CEO of PanGo Networks. "Colubris' commitment to open standards and innovations in the areas of secure, reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure are a solid foundation for PanGo's location aware applications."

The combination provides an ideal choice for institutions interested in deploying mobile asset tracking and dispatching applications on leading edge WLAN infrastructure to instantly deliver location-relevant information to the right health care professional. Colubris' ability to simultaneously support a mix of enterprise devices, applications and services while protecting the security and QoS required by each, makes it an ideal choice for integrating location tracking services with other enterprise WLAN applications.

"PanGo is the first to build a total Asset Tracking system that leverages a standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure", stated Barry Fougere, president and CEO, Colubris Networks. "By combining this capability with the leadership multi-service WLAN capabilities offered by Colubris, this partnership has raised the bar with respect to scale, QoS and ease of deployment for best-of-breed location services."

Colubris offers a multi-service Wireless System comprised of centralized management, service control appliances, security gateways and wireless access devices. The Colubris Wireless System provides leading-edge Voice-over-Wi-Fi capabilities, multi-layered security and the industry's first Multi-Service Wireless Delivery capability. With Multi-Service Wireless Delivery, up to 16 different WLAN services and applications, each with independently configured security and QoS profiles, can be delivered through a single Colubris wireless access device to a set of distinct users and client devices.

Customers leverage Multi-Service Wireless Delivery capabilities to enable migration from legacy to emerging Wi-Fi standard client devices. Multi-Service Wireless Delivery capabilities are also required to converge toll quality voice, guest access and secure data services onto a single, cost-effectively shared Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Large-scale enterprise deployments are further enabled with the Colubris Networks Management System (CNMS) which centrally manages and controls the devices and policies governing large, highly distributed wireless LAN deployments.

Colubris Networks has developed an advanced multi-service Wireless System of centralized management, service control appliances, security gateways and wireless access devices which it provides to leading service providers and enterprises worldwide. The company's award-winning solutions family enables superior customer flexibility and control in the secure delivery of a suite of voice, data and multimedia applications and services to their mobile workers, customers, partners, suppliers and guests. Colubris Networks' equipment is deployed by more than 1000 organisations worldwide.

PanGo Networks is recognized in the market for location-aware wireless systems for the enterprise market. PanGo's software solutions transform off-the-shelf 802.11 infrastructure into a platform for intelligent applications, solving real-world problems today. Through its flagship PanOS Platform and mobile applications, PanGo offers the industry's first comprehensive location-based system for real-time asset visibility and context-aware information delivery.

Specializing in a range of markets including health care, manufacturing, higher education, visitor attraction and government, PanGo delivers reliable and accurate information about the location of connected devices, people and assets. PanGo's location-aware systems enable optimal information management and work flow, and provide measurable and significant return on investment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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