Smith & Nephew and ORTHOsoft sign worldwide distribution and development pact

Memphis 14 September 2004Smith & Nephew Inc., Orthopaedics Division, has signed a worldwide development and distribution agreement with ORTHOsoft Holdings Inc., a provider of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) applications for orthopaedics. With this agreement, Smith & Nephew will develop and distribute customized cutting edge CAS product applications to support their hip and knee reconstructive implants. This arrangement provides ORTHOsoft with the opportunity to further expand its penetration in the orthopaedic market, which is experiencing worldwide double-digit growth.


This five-year agreement between the two companies includes worldwide distribution of customized CAS product applications for hip and knee procedures. The first of these products to be released will be the AchieveCAS Minimally Invasive Hip Application due out Fall 2004. The product was recently released for expanded clinical evaluations after logging over 30 successful surgeries by designing surgeons. It involves a computer, custom-designed software, infrared camera, and surgical instruments designed to allow the surgeon to navigate a total hip replacement. The enhanced guidance and visualization allows a surgeon to more precisely place implants, particularly within smaller incisions.

Computer-assisted surgery is the tool that enables the orthopaedic surgeon greater access to performing minimally invasive surgery. The ability to get real-time data, the greater precision with which to place and position orthopaedic implants and the reduced surgical exposure and recovery times make CAS the critical next step for orthopaedic surgery.

"Smith & Nephew has spent the last two years refining its AchieveCAS surgical applications", stated Scott Elliott, Vice President, reconstructive regional marketing for Smith & Nephew. "ORTHOsoft's team of dedicated CAS professionals and their expertise, combined with our industry-leading joint reconstruction products, are ideal complements as we strive to provide surgeons and patients the best solutions to yield the best outcomes."

"As both companies strive to improve the way surgery is performed, we value our shared vision on the role that surgical navigation systems play in this endeavour", stated Dr. Louis-Philippe Amiot, orthopaedic surgeon and CEO of ORTHOsoft. "We provide our partners with solutions developed in collaboration with surgeons, clinically proven and market leading technologies as well as a team of dedicated CAS professionals."

ORTHOsoft's solutions provide surgeons with more accurate real-time patient data enabling a more precise fitting of implants and better outcomes for patients compared to conventional surgery. The products offer true 3D images of bone models and representations of surgical instruments. Surgeons can visualize critical steps of the procedures, improving optimal positioning of implants. In addition to developing CAS navigation applications, Smith & Nephew will use ORTHOsoft's customizable medical cart as the workstation in the Operating Room. Surgeons will also be able to take advantage of the multi-platform capabilities of the software, being able to run AchieveCAS on many different types of hardware systems.

ORTHOsoft is a Montréal-based, Canadian medical software developer and integrator that provides advanced technological solutions for Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) to hospitals and surgeons around the world. ORTHOsoft's Navitrack can be used on many different hardware systems, integrates with existing hospital systems, providing surgeons with vital, real-time data to improve the surgical process and reduce patients' recovery time. ORTHOsoft offers a full range of products for the orthopaedic surgical market to improve outcomes in complex orthopedic procedures.

Since its inception in 1995, ORTHOsoft has focused on the fast-growing Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) market niche. Today, ORTHOsoft is solidly established in the CAOS field and is recognized for its cutting-edge CAS solutions. ORTHOsoft's Navitrack was developed by a team of orthopaedic surgeons to achieve the most expedient work flow and facilitate less invasive surgery and recovery time for the patient. ORTHOsoft's Navitrack navigation solutions have supported over 8500 surgical procedures in Europe and North America.

Smith & Nephew is one of the world's leading medical devices companies, specializing in Orthopaedics, Endoscopy and Advanced Wound Management. Smith & Nephew is one of the fastest growing full-line orthopaedics companies in the world, ranks as the global expert in arthroscopy and one of the world's leading advanced wound management companies.

Smith & Nephew is dedicated to helping improve people's lives. The company prides itself in the strength of its relationships with its surgeon and health care professional customers, with whom its name is synonymous with the highest standards of performance, innovation and trust. The company has more than 7000 employees and operates in 32 countries around the world, generating sales of nearly $2 billion.

More news on ORTHOsoft can be found in the VMW March 2004 article ORTHOsoft releases new surgical navigation system technologies for knee and spine. For more information on Smith & Nephew, please read the VMW April 2004 article Smith & Nephew introduces innovative lighting system for minimally invasive joint replacement surgery

Leslie Versweyveld

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