VEPRO offers teleradiology according to most current legal requirements

Pfungstadt 17 September 2004Teleradiology is forming a class of its own within the telemedicine field because of the special requirements and needs radiology imposes. Now, one of the first German practices, the X-ray practice of Dr. Nährig in the hospital Gransee, will benefit from teleradiology. With a progressive PACS developed by VEPRO AG, which is represented for over 20 years as an international expert for innovative IT solutions on the medical market, a fast, safe and reliable connection from the hospital Gransee to the hospital for accident cases in Berlin could be created by implementing a teleradiological solution. The substantial goal is the improvement of the patient medical care in emergencies.


With the new possibilities of telemedicine in the digital age today, substantial goals in the German health system, such as cost reduction, efficiency increase and surface covering, and progressive medical care for all patients, can be improved and realized.

The X-ray practice of Dr. Nährig in the hospital Gransee is one of the first hospitals in Germany, which operates teleradiology with official permission of the country in accordance with the regulation of radiography. With the implementation of a VEPRO PACS, VEPRO AG realized the advanced teleradiological solution for the three contracting parties including the X-ray practice, the hospital Gransee and the clinic for accident cases in Berlin.

"The hurdles, which the legislator has set to allow the implementation of teleradiology by the IT manufacturers and the operators since 1 July 2004 stated in the regulation of radiography, is high. Part of the fundamental requirements among others is that a modality is located at the place of examination, which is performed by a specialist with full radiological knowledge. Moreover, a fast, stable line must be available for the transmission of the image data and on the receiver's side a radiologist must be present, who is able to perform an expert assessment of the images before transmitting back his findings", according to a VEPRO AG representative.

Additionally, the conditions of the radiography regulation, paragraph 3 section 4, have to be carried out. The IT manufacturer has to bring along the necessary specialized knowledge to be able to technically realize such complex projects. For example, the solution provider has to take care that a standard examination can be transmitted within 10 minutes in full DICOM finding quality, to guarantee the timely medical care of the patients.

All data, which are acquired by the modalities and stored in the X-ray practice with the VEPRO PACS, are fast and securely transmitted over a dedicated line to the clinic for accident cases in Berlin. Thereby the Internet through an S-DSL line is used as a "carrier medium", on which a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is building a safe tunnel connection, that can only be used by authorized physicians and co-workers at teleworkstations or at home office places. With 2 Mbit per second the symmetrical connection provides a data communication in seconds. Thus a timely availability of radiological images for the interpretation during emergency, week-end and night services is ensured.

"According to the newest conditions of the radiography regulation, which are valid since 1 July 2004, we are the first German practice in our area, that with the teleradiology solution and the PACS of the company VEPRO fulfils all legal requirements and therefore also without any problem received the permission to perform teleradiology from the federal state authority", stated Dr. Nährig.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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