Visicu's innovative life saving eICU solution awarded United States patent

Baltimore 12 October 2004Visicu Inc. has been granted patent no. 6,804,656 from the Business Methods section of the United States Patent and Trademark office for its "system and method for providing continuous, expert network critical care services from a remote location(s)" eICU technology. The eICU solution features a centrally located, remote monitoring system equipped with high fidelity telemedicine and proprietary early warning and intervention software.


This patented technology, which is currently operational in 13 major health systems around the country, will be monitoring over 1500 critical care beds by year end. VISICU is the first company to receive such United States patent protection and the first to bring remote critical care in the form of eICU centres to the marketplace.

eICU technology, offered only through Visicu, enables hospitals to meet stringent patient care safety standards and assures fundamental changes in hospital critical care. The eICU solution connects the patient to the doctor 24/7 and allows hospitals to leverage their intensivist resources to care for large numbers of patients simultaneously. This new care delivery model enables optimal use of scarce health care resources while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and financial results for health systems.

"Visicu is proud to be the only company with the exclusive rights to such a powerful product that transforms critical care and makes a profound difference in patient outcomes and lives saved", stated Frank Sample, CEO of Visicu. "Health systems across the country are realizing the benefits and cost savings in bringing this life-saving and now patented technology to their local communities."

Visicu was founded by two former Johns Hopkins University intensive care specialists, Drs. Brian Rosenfeld and Michael Breslow, who experienced first hand the issues associated with critical care in the nation's hospitals. In response, they developed a system that was inconceivable to most in the field of critical care at the time. A study of the eICU system published in Critical Care Medicine (Crit Care Med 2004; 30:31-38) proved the clinical and financial benefits. Today, the eICU solution is currently in use or contracted to be installed in over 100 hospitals across the nation.

The eICU solution is currently the only technology that enables hospitals to meet The Leapfrog Group's ICU patient care safety standards and is continually recognized for its technology innovations. In 2004, Visicu won the Microsoft Healthcare Award and the American Telemedicine Association Innovations Award. The eICU solution was recognized as one of the Top 100 technical innovations by InfoWorld magazine in 2002, and in 2001, the company won the Healthcare Informatics and Technology Award. For more information on Visicu, you can read the VMW April 2004 article Visicu life saving ICU technology to be offered throughout Inova's northern Virginia and Avera's Dakota Hospitals.

Leslie Versweyveld

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