Hospital Munich Perlach starts being digital with VEPRO

Pfungstadt 11 October 2004Efficient, digital information systems of different IT providers today in most practices and hospitals form the basis for a modern and efficient work flow. The decision, which of the digital solutions is the right one for the individual requirements of the medical institution, is frequently difficult with the multiplicity of providers on the market. The hospital Munich Perlach with its choice for the radiological department is on the safe side and decided for a VEPRO PACS (Picture, Archiving and Communication System). This is already the sixth successful PACS installation of a VEPRO solution in the Munich area alone.


The Intuitive Graphical User Interface of the VEPRO MEDIMAGE Software offers the highest working comfort

With the installation of the VEPRO PACS the hospital Munich Perlach now also made the step from analogue to digital and as such belongs to the progressively equipped hospitals. The introduction of the complex and interconnected computer system in the radiology did not only require technical and medical know-how, but also detailed knowledge about the radiological work flow. As one of the international leading manufacturers and specialist of many years for current information technologies within the medical range the VEPRO AG with its digital image management system MEDIMAGE could fulfil all requirements of the physicians, system administrators and the hospital administration.

Apart from the server the digital solution covers several multi-functional diagnostic stations with high-resolution TFT monitors for the finding. In addition to PACS, RIS (Radiology Information System), CIS (Cardiology Information System) and speech recognition programmes all other standard programmes like among other things the Office package can equally be inserted into each VEPRO workstation. Each workstation's documents can be stored again in the PACS, filed with the appropriate patient information. Thus VEPRO offers to the hospital not only an image management solution, but also, through the integration of all image, video, text and audio documents into the VEPRO PACS archive, the progressive realization of a multimedia digital patient record. For the acquisition of analogue data such as films, forms or photos a scanner station is available.

With the VEPRO software MEDIMAGE the retrieval of images and films becomes substantially faster and more comfortably for the physicians. Countless processing options such as zoom, measurement, Window leveling etc. to the integrated, free 3D-Modul also fulfil the elevated requirements the radiological department is expecting from the PACS.

With the smooth connection of the PACS to the other existing digital information systems like for example the HIS (Hospital Information System) the patient data are automatically available everywhere in the hospital in the current status and do not have to be exchanged manually any longer in different places. This not only saves time, but also prevents possible sources of error through incorrect inputs. Such interface and data format standardisation of a VEPRO PACS offers not only a smooth work flow, but also hundred percent manufacturer independence to the hospital.

Due to the digital data formats the hospital Perlach enjoys also the new communication possibilities. A progressive telecommunication solution between the hospital Munich Perlach and the hospital Munich Pasing permits via a simple mouse-click the immediate sending of all images, films and findings between the hospitals. When desired, the patient can now also regard his or her images and films of the examination by CD or DVD at home on his or her computer. The data are provided manually or fully automatic directly in the hospital on a CD/DVD robot. Therefore VEPRO offers to the hospital the free, unrestrictedly licensed DICOM Viewer. Thus the data can also be put to the disposal of all family doctors without any complications.

"The digitization by the VEPRO AG is an absolutely primary investment", explained the economy leader Mr. Reiner. "The work flow not only became faster and reduces costing and personnel expenditures, but also guaranteed the best possible and safest health care. Through the connection of all modalities of the hospital such as CT, x-ray units or laser camera systems to the PACS all images, films and findings are directly stored digitally on the modern on-line power RAID server and are available in seconds on each workstation in the hospital. Thus the patient waiting periods are reduced to a minimum."

"The oversized archive areas with radiographs, in which the respective information must be searched daily by co-workers by hand, and the high radiographic film costs, which can amount per patient between two and four euro, now belong to the past. This benefits both the patient and the hospital. Furthermore with a VEPRO PACS the return of investment takes already place within 12 months. Thus financial free spaces for further future-oriented investments remain open for us", concluded Mr. Reiner.

Leslie Versweyveld

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