Mobilquest Inc. acquires assets of Mobilcube2 wireless health care workstation provider

Wilmington 20 October 2004In a move sure to provide customers not only with a better product, but also with better service, a group of technical investors has purchased the assets of one of the mobile wireless health care workstation providers, Mobilcube2 Inc. The new company, Mobilquest Inc., has a management team with more than 40 years experience in medical devices, design and quality testing.


Mobilquest has already made a series of moves that puts the company in a strong market position. RAMP Industries in Binghamton, New York, has agreed to remain as the primary manufacturer and has ample inventory to respond quickly to purchase orders. "With almost 100 units in inventory", stated Terry Deamer, vice president of sales and marketing for RAMP, "we can provide delivery as soon as three weeks after receipt of order depending on configuration. We look forward to increasing inventory and providing rapid deliveries in our relationship with Mobilquest."

With the successful integration of the DELL OptiPlexTM SX280 into the product line, Mobilquest solutions have a longer shelf life and better warranty service than other systems on the market. "With our technical expertise and numerous value-added services", stated Brian Lisiewski, president of Mobilquest, "our customers who require more than just a computer on a cart will find a strong organisation behind the product. We've already made technical advances that extend battery life, increase security, increase wireless network compatibility, and greatly improve overall performance."

"The acquisition of Mobilcube2 gives us the foundation we need to provide comprehensive IT solutions to the health care market. This foundation also gives us flexibility with pricing, the ability to provide upgrades and service for many older systems, and the option to expand our product sales and service through carefully selected reselling partners", stated Bill Hogenauer, Chairman and CEO of Mobilquest.

Founded in 2004 to provide point-of-care wireless clinical workstations for health care environments, Mobilquest's products are setting industry standards for safety, mobility, operational life, and flexibility in information processing, ergonomics and service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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