Misys Healthcare Systems extends Misys CPR to support behavioural health services at the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Raleigh 26 October 2004Misys Healthcare Systems is extending Misys CPR, the cornerstone component of Misys Optimum, at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) to allow clinicians to document behavioural health services for inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings. HHC is the largest municipal health care system in the United States and will be the first Misys customer to implement this Misys CPR functionality.


"Mental health and chemical dependency services are a big focus for HHC, affecting 20 percent of our patient base of 1,3 million New Yorkers annually", stated Frances Pandolfi, chief information officer, HHC. "A truly integrated electronic record that captures both medical and behavioural health documentation facilitates holistic care. Whether the patient is seen in the medical or behavioural health setting, physicians and caregivers using Misys CPR will have a complete history and treatment picture of the patient, which results in higher quality, patient-centred care continuity."

According to Bob Evola, Misys CPR product line director, it is unusual to find electronic record capability supporting behavioural health practices of large health care systems. "The difficulty lies in the nature of care delivery. Behavioural health comprises a treatment spectrum that differs greatly from that of medicine, for example, specialized documentation needs of group therapy, and it is highly regulated by federal and state agencies", explained Bob Evola. "We collaborated with HHC to configure Misys CPR's highly flexible toolset to the unique content and work flow needs of this specialized care setting. The Misys CPR Enhanced Behavioural Health Module provides for core clinical documentation including patient demographics, medical history data, assessment data, guardianship, treatment plans, progress notes, discharge summaries, as well as the necessary regulatory reports."

HHC plans to pilot Misys CPR's new behavioural health technical design at one of its NYC hospitals within the next year. Within the following 18 months the health system will deploy the module across the entire network, which has been operating the Misys CPR integrated by design solution for more than a decade in its 11 acute care teaching hospitals and extensive primary care and ambulatory care satellites.

"When you are as big an organisation as HHC, with such exceptional diversity in terms of patients and care settings, it's critical to have a single, unifying CPR system that's comprehensive enough to support today's care needs and flexible enough to adapt to continual change", stated Frances Pandolfi. "The patient will be the ultimate beneficiary of this customized documentation from various providers active in their multidisciplinary care planning including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, physicians, nurses and other behavioural health professionals."

Misys is contracting with domain knowledge consultant HealthCare Perspectives LLC, to assist with the business, clinical, data element and regulatory content requirements necessary to adapt the Misys CPR application to support behavioural health documentation. The joint CPR work will incorporate DSM4 industry-standard coding scheme into the Misys Controlled Medical Vocabulary feature and integrate the Misys Media Manager multimedia image enabling functionality.

"We're excited to team up with long-time client HHC to create innovative CPR technology to increase the effectiveness of clinical care practice", stated Bob Evola. "Misys' ability to configure its computer-based patient record solution is a great example of how our Misys Optimum strategy interconnects different care settings with electronic health records to enable the sharing of critical clinical data."

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation was created by legislation in 1970 as a public benefit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors, to oversee the City's public health care system in all five boroughs. The Corporation consists of 11 acute care hospitals, six diagnostic and treatment Centres, four long-term care facilities, a certified home health care agency, and more than 100 community health clinics, including Communicare Centres and Child Health Clinics.

Misys Healthcare Systems develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of health care. With 25 years of industry experience, Misys currently serves more than 92.000 physicians in 18.000 practice locations, 1250 hospitals, 600 home care providers and hundreds of commercial laboratories, clinics, managed services and other related organisations.

Misys' family of clinical products and Web-based technologies - Misys Optimum solutions - are designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings. Misys Optimum connects community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations. More company news is available in the VMW October 2004 article Arnot Health selects Misys EMR solution as first Misys Optimum client to connect hospital and physician office.

Leslie Versweyveld

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