HealthGrid 2005 aims to report on results of current Grid projects in health care

Oxford 03 October 2004The third annual HealthGrid Conference will be held in Oxford, United Kingdom, April 7-9, 2005. HealthGrid 2005 will provide a forum for Grid projects in the medical, biological and biomedical domains as well as for Grid projects that seek to integrate these.


With an emphasis on results, it is hoped that functionality being developed within such projects will be demonstrated. The overall objective is to reinforce and promote the awareness of the deployment of Grid technology in health. Participation is encouraged across the spectrum of bio/medical informatics from technology developers and researchers through research network representatives and regional health authorities to health care clinicians and administrators.

This will be the third annual HealthGrid conference. The first conference, held in January 2003 in Lyon, reflected the need to involve all actors - physicians, scientists and technologists - who might play a part in the application of Grid technology to health, whether health care or bio-medical research. The second conference, held in Clermont-Ferrand in January 2004, reported research and work in progress from a large number of projects. It is intended that the third conference will report on results of current Grid projects in health care, will indicate the outcome of field tests and will identify deployment strategies for prototype applications in health care.

In addition outstanding problem areas and technological challenges will be identified and new solutions to these issues will be proposed. At Clermont-Ferrand, a considerable number of active projects demonstrated early working systems and the third conference will provide greater scope for the demonstration of real Grid systems in action. As a consequence, this conference is expected to be much more focused on concrete results and exchanges of experience and will therefore be of more immediate interest to active health care providers whose participation in HealthGrid 2005 is encouraged.

The conference will include a number of high profile keynote presentations complemented by a set of high quality refereed papers that will address the following thematic areas and topics:

  • Current health Grid projects: results, demonstrators
    • Grids applications for health care, medical imaging, simulation, biomedicine, bioinformatics
    • Ethics, security and privacy in health Grids
    • Virtual Organisations in health Grids
    • Interoperability of Grids across projects
  • Health Grids deployment strategies
    • Health Grids architectures and test beds
    • End user tests of health Grids
    • Unresolved technological issues in health Grids
    • Alternative and complementary technologies
  • Knowledge management in health Grids
    • Metadata structures and management
    • Ontologies in health care
    • Health Grid data mining
    • Data mediation and integration over bio- and medical data
    • Data standardisation for health Grids

More information is available at the HealthGrid Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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