Next Dimension Imaging to release Mesh Compiler and new Model Post-Scripting technology

Chiang Mai 16 November 2004Next Dimension Imaging, an independent 3D graphic software company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, introduced Model Post-Scripting, a very efficient 3D model compression technology. The introduction came in conjunction with the release of the new product Mesh Compiler.


Unlike other compression methods, Model Post-Scripting eliminates redundancies in the model on a high geometric level and can be applied concurrently to other compression methods. Mesh Compiler reduces the Internet download time of a VRML model typically by a factor between 3 and 10.

Key to the new technology is mesh analysis and geometry recognition. The core of Mesh Compiler is recognition engine MORE 2 which was, after several years of research and development, released earlier this year. MORE SDK update version 1.2 was published most recently. Compared to previous versions it has doubled its analysis speed and recognizes more mesh types safely.

During the complex compilation process the geometry of the model is analysed and translated to its much more compact original geometric form. Mesh Compiler optimizes the model data and saves it as a Java script controlled active contents VRML file.

Mesh Compiler is a Windows XP/2000 application which converts 3D models to highly compact VRML 2 files. A straightforward user interface hides a complex novel conversion process based on geometric analysis and compilation to a script controlled active contents file. Concurrently to GZ compression, the size of a 3D model can be further reduced by a typical factor between 3 and 10. This results in significantly smaller Internet downloading time. The patent for this new product is pending.

It was announced, that a subsystem and assistance for companies who want to integrate an export function for compact VRML or compact web3d can be provided. A free version of Mesh Compiler can be downloaded at the Next Dimension Imaging Web site. More information on Next Dimension Imaging can be found in the VMW August 2003 article Next Dimension Imaging launches Model Analyzer and Anatomy Analyzer software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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