LogiXML and Sierra Scientific Software partner to create the next generation of tools for clinical research

McLean 08 December 2004LogiXML Inc., a provider of Web-based business intelligence reporting and analysis tools, and Sierra Scientific Software Inc. have signed a strategic partnership to add LogiXML's LGX Info functionality to Sierra's Clinical Research Information System (CRIS) version 8. Sierra's CRIS is the first truly integrated, fully interactive, Part 11-compliant clinical research software package for the FDA-regulated medical products industry. CRIS provides a single system that completely integrates all the functionality for clinical trials management, clinical data management, safety data management, and investigational materials management.


CRIS benefits all levels of clinical trials practitioners, the companies note, from Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), to executive managers who currently rely on separate, role-specific data management systems with limited or no interconnectivity. Use of these separate systems frequently results in inefficient data silos that hinder the clinical trials management process and impede the timely identification of issues within the conduct of trials.

Integration of LogiXML's LGX Info into CRIS adds easy-to-use, Web-based reporting and analysis functionality to the system. This enables non-technical clinical and business users to build their own reports and perform in-depth data analysis on key clinical trial and business data. In addition, using LogiXML tools, personalized interactive dashboards can be created to give users immediate visibility to information.

"To achieve maximum efficiency, all relevant clinical trial information needs to be readily available to everyone involved in the clinical trial process", stated David Thomas, CEO of Sierra Scientific Software. "CRIS creates a common repository for all of the data collected throughout each phase of a clinical trial. LogiXML's solutions give CRAs, clinicians, financial managers, medical officers and clinical trial managers access to the full range of information within CRIS. It allows them to work with and share that information easily."

"In addition, data security and integrity are assured. Users interact with the information using an intuitive, Web-based user interface that gives them the ability to perform their own what-if analysis without technical assistance. By integrating LogiXML's LGX Info into Sierra's CRIS, we believe we are offering a tool that will greatly enhance the efficiency of the eClinical research process", he noted.

The integration of the entire clinical research process into a single solution also has significant advantages in reducing the cost of acquisition and maintenance of multiple systems. Linda Howe, Vice President of Business Development for LogiXML, stated that the new partnership with Sierra Scientific Software illustrates the far-reaching capabilities of LogiXML's solutions.

"CRIS is an excellent example of how LogiXML's products integrate seamlessly into partners' Web-based solutions, to add powerful reporting and analysis functionality. All of LogiXML's tools leverage technical standards, such as XML and .NET, that simplify integration and provide scalability for the future. We are excited about our partnership with Sierra. We believe that CRIS will make a significant contribution to improving clinical research processes and LogiXML is proud to be part of that solution", she commented. CRIS v8 is scheduled for release in early first quarter 2005.

LogiXML builds powerful Business Intelligence reporting and analytics tools that are easy to learn, use, deploy and maintain. These tools help organisations make better, timelier decisions, by transforming disparate data into critical business information. With hundreds of customers, LogiXML stands as an expert of BI tools, featuring a complete and unique set of easy-to-use, XML-based solutions that are accessible through a Web browser.

Sierra is a developer of software tools to support medical products research and meet all regulatory and industry standards. CRIS, Sierra's lead product and now in its 8th version, is a complete end-to-end solution for the clinical research enterprise. Fully Web-enabled and configurable to the needs of each user, CRIS integrates the entire clinical research community into a single system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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