MedDay's revolutionary communication standard to impact daily routines in health care

Stockholm 13 December 2004The Swedish health services company MedDay has developed a standard for communication between doctor and patient. The new de facto standard is called Daily Medical Support or DMS. The first application based on the standard is RegPoint, a disease detection and management system. RegPoint is tailored for monitoring chronic diseases like diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions. It has been calculated that in China the application can lead to savings of up to 23 billion dollars, in addition to the millions of Chinese that can be spared from complications occurred in examinations.


RegPoint allows doctors to stay informed of patients' health conditions. The system updates a patient's health profile several times a day and sends it to the doctor. The data is automatically transferred to the attending health care professional, so the patient needs to do nothing.

RegPoint can be registered by a device, for example, a blood sugar monitor that transfers the data automatically using a Bluetooth connection. The information is sent via the RegPoint Pocket on a mobile phone to the doctor. This allows the doctor to monitor the patient's compliance to treatment and find out medication errors if they occur and correct them. The RegPoint solution can also be used for early detection of SARS, Avian A Influenza, known as BirdFlu, or other public health threats, such as bio terrorist attacks, etc.

The DMS standard has created high interest in China. One of the reasons for dramatically rising costs in Chinese health care is diabetes, which is wide-spread. The Beijing Medical Health Department (BMHB) is one of the collaborators with MedDay and Motorola. Also initial co-operation has started with the Health Bureau in Beijing. The system has been tested in the Beijing Xuanwu Hospital.

"We have received a very good response, both from the Chinese Health Bureau as well as the Chinese Ministry of Health", stated Sophia Salenius, CEO for MedDay. "China is the world's biggest mobile phone market, and the size of that market increases monthly with several million new users. This is an ingenious way to reduce human suffering by using the mobile network. The system can also save billions in health care costs."

The DMS service can be applied with GSM, CMDA and 3G networks. Although the SMS traffic is intensive in China, the DMS traffic can become even bigger. Fully deployed, the service can generate approximately 54 billion messages per month. Opportunities are huge, when compared with the 15,9 billion SMS messages in January 2004 in China.

MedDay AB is a health services company focused on bringing wireless technology to the global health care community. The RegPoint product suite consists of three software components: the RegPoint Pocket, RegPoint Care and RegPoint Supervisor. The solution is used to facilitate two-way wireless medical data transfer between individual citizens and health authorities and care providers and can be used in managing chronic disease conditions for individuals and/or as a first stage pandemic disease detection tool at the individual citizen level.

Leslie Versweyveld

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