VEPRO India realizes the electronic medical record with PACS at the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute

Pfungstadt 14 December 2004The desire of the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute to realize an electronic medical record (EMR) just with a PACS, was a huge challenge for VEPRO India. As an PACS expert VEPRO India however was able to master this requirement with bravery at the end of the year. Without support of another sub-system such as HIS, RIS or CIS the VEPRO PACS independently allows to convert the digital work flow in the institute and administrate efficiently all kinds of patient data in a digital record.


For the realization of the clever solution it was helpful that VEPRO already recognized the trend to the EMR years ago and developed its IT-solution both for the implementation into other sub-systems, and as all-in-one system. With a VEPRO PACS image, film, tone and text can be acquired, processed, evaluated and archived in the universal DICOM format. The Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institutes of the Delhi University enthusiastically applauded the new possibilities of the electronic medical record, which already since September 2004 makes immense cost savings possible by film reduction and an accelerated work flow.

"A huge advantage of the VEPRO PACS is its multi-functionality", according to VEPRO India. "As accepted image management systems administrate only graphic data, a VEPRO PACS can receive, display, process and archive documents and data of all kinds." With these auxiliary functions VEPRO India could convert the usual patient record in digital form for the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute by meeting the clinical requirements.

Since patient information consists usually of different formats like measured values (ECG), films (ultrasonic, endoscopy), sounds (vocal cord analysis, operation documentation) or images (X-ray), the soft- and hardware of the VEPRO PACS has to fulfil several requirements according to the wishes of the customer. Therefore VEPRO consistently focuses on own products, which are individually developed and manufactured in the internal development and production department for each solution.

For the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute VEPRO developed an EMR solution with only one software surface, which administrates all kinds of information and thus is equally applicable into all medical areas such as radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery, gynaecology and others. Each user must be familiarized with only one programme and there can create in a simple and secure way his findings, prepared presentations and processed images, and join them together in an electronic patient folder.

Apart from the individual adjustment of the IT-software also the complete pre-configuration of the soft- and hardware components in the own house belongs for VEPRO to a successful project planning. For this reason the installation of the EMR solution could be finalized completely after two weeks in the institute without disturbing the dayly routine in the hospital and be changed successfully into live operations.

The solution contains the connection of all digital and analogue modalities for a complete work flow and an uncomplicated data archiving. In contrast to the conventional paper medical record all digital data are available after the acquisition clinic-wide on any workstation. Each authorized user thereby can access at the same time the desired information. This enables the physicians to dispose of a real-time documentation and provides in seconds a transparent overview of the existing stored data.

In addition to the hospital-internal image distribution also all data can be sent to external sources with an encoded telecommunication solution to specialists. The free viewing software of VEPRO, provided for these purposes, is license-free and enables the viewing of the data on each standard PC. If thus a transfer of the patient is necessary to another specialist, his electronic medial record is there already available before his actual appointment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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