Galilaeus and Heidelberg Pharma agree on co-development of anti-cancer drugs

Kaarina 04 January 2005Galilaeus Oy and Heidelberg Pharma GmbH have signed a co-development agreement on two anti-cancer lead compounds discovered by Galilaeus. The pre-clinical phase compounds are new cytotoxic small molecules. Heidelberg Pharma is now responsible for the further pre-clinical development, while Galilaeus is responsible for production of the compounds. The companies have also agreed on income-sharing of any revenues from commercialisation of the compounds to third parties.


Both compounds belong to the class of anthracyclines. Early pre-clinical studies conducted by Galilaeus have shown favourable drug profiles in terms of high anti-cancer potency in vivo and reduced cardiotoxicity compared to Doxorubicin.

"We are extremely happy to have this agreement with Heidelberg Pharma", stated Kristiina Ylihonko, the CEO of Galilaeus. "Since the spring of 2004, Galilaeus has focused on Contract Manufacturing and Process Development and therefore this deal is a perfect way for us to maintain the upside from the drug discovery results previously achieved by Galilaeus. In addition, this deal fits perfectly to our business model, as our Contract Manufacturing is targeted to drug development companies with microbial compounds in pre-clinical and clinical phases."

"This co-operation corresponds with our strategy of broadening our pipeline with promising new drugs in the field of oncology. The specific synergistic expertise of both companies builds a firm basis for co-operation and successful further development of these compounds", stated Jan Schmidt-Brand, the CEO of Heidelberg Pharma. "With our highly experienced pre-clinical team and internal capabilities, we can investigate new anti-tumour compounds in a short period of time to demonstrate their pharmacological properties."

Galilaeus is a Finnish contract manufacturing and process development company, specialising in fermentation of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Galilaeus Contract Manufacturing offers fermentation manufacturing services to drug development and pharmaceutical companies. In Process Development Galilaeus develops and sells proprietary bacterial strains and production processes to API manufacturers.

Heidelberg Pharma GmbH is an independent drug development company with several compounds under clinical development. The company concentrates on the pre-clinical and clinical development of unique and innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. The companys business model is based on two pillars. The first involves the development of its own pipeline projects through phase II clinical investigations (clinical proof of efficacy) followed by outlicensing for further development and commercialisation. In second place, Heidelberg Pharma also offers design and development of enhanced pro-drugs for the treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS from basic compounds provided by partners.

Leslie Versweyveld

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