Trestle's MedMicro becomes first remote-controlled microscope installed in Denver's The Children's Hospital

Irvine 12 January 2005The Children's Hospital (TCH), a non-profit paediatric health care network located in Denver, Colorado, has selected Trestle's Internet-accessible slide-viewing solution, MedMicro, to aid its doctors in diagnosing and treating tumours and other serious diseases. TCH believes the deployment of MedMicro makes TCH the first children's hospital in the nation to link its network of physicians and pathologists remotely with an Internet-enabled microscopy system.


With the new Trestle MedMicro system installed, surgeons at The Children's Hospital can remove a piece of a tumour, have the TCH laboratory staff place the specimen under the MedMicro microscope, and enable pathologists from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) to view the image and offer real-time consultation. Joel Haas, M.D., chair of The Children's Hospital's Pathology Department, who brought the MedMicro system to TCH in August, stated: "Before MedMicro, we would have to courier the slide over the UCHSC, a process that could take precious hours or even days."

MedMicro users can view different parts of a slide, focus, illuminate and magnify specific segments. As Dr. Haas explained, "I looked at a slide in California from my office computer, and the image quality was comparable to sitting down at a microscope in our lab."

"The goal of tumour surgery", Dr. Haas continued, "is to quickly identify the tumour type and determine the next step. This is especially crucial for our network, where we see many children with serious and unusual diseases. We will have diagnosed 75 new brain tumours this year alone. The MedMicro solution allows immediate consultation on some rare tumours requiring a UCHSC pathology specialist, enhancing our ability to rapidly provide information so our clinicians can accurately plan the next steps in patient treatment. This solution is reliable, safe and helps us to better deliver our health care services."

"At The Children's Hospital we see the use of telepathology not only as a tool to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of a pathology practice, but as a tool that improves patient care. The ability for our systems to allow The Children's Hospital to access remote specialized diagnostic expertise provides many treatment benefits. We are proud to be supporting Children's critical efforts in these areas", stated Maurizio Vecchione, CEO of Trestle.

Founded in 1908, The Children's Hospital is a private, not-for-profit paediatric health care network located in Denver, Colorado and 100 percent dedicated to caring for kids. It has been ranked one of the best children's hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report for more than a decade. With 1130 paediatric specialists and more than 2300 full-time employees, Children's is home to a number of nationally and internationally recognized medical programmes.

Trestle Holdings develops and sells digital imaging and telemedicine applications to the life sciences markets. The company's products link geographically dispersed users with each other, information databases, and analytical tools. This improved integration drives cost savings and process efficiencies, enables improved pre-clinical and clinical phases of research and development for new drugs, and enhances patient care.

Trestle's digital imaging products have the potential to transform the pathologist's work environment by capturing digital images of tissue samples and enabling the sharing, archiving, and analysis of these images. The company's live microscopy products enable multiple physicians and scientists to remotely view, navigate, and share high-fidelity microscope images at sub-micron resolution over standard Internet connections in real time.

The company's slide scanning and imaging products perform high-speed whole-glass slide digitization for virtual microscopy applications. These slide scanning products facilitate image analysis, data management, digital work flow and data association applications for clinical and research customers. For example, for pharmaceutical companies, Trestle's products enable improvements to the pre-clinical and clinical phases of research and development through better capture, management and analysis of tissue sample information.

Telemedicine enables the remote delivery of patient care using integrated health information systems and telecommunications technologies. Trestle's integrated telemedicine products allow scientists, physicians and other medical professionals around the world to service more patients. Trestle's telemedicine products use proprietary software and standard computer and medical hardware to facilitate remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients through real-time integration of voice, video, medical devices, and patient data. More company news can be found in the VMW January 2005 article Trestle's Internet solutions selected by Hawaii Health Systems and Canadian West Parry Sound Health Centre.

Leslie Versweyveld

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