Fulana Healthcenters to launch world's largest health care network venture

Houston 01 January 2005Economic Technologies, through its health care subsidiary, Fulana Healthcenters, has started its plan to build, operate and manage 5300 high-tech, globally-interconnected network of health centres, clinics and health cafes in 150 countries, with on-site/no-border pharmacies and a SmartCard Intelligent Network Healthcare Access, powered by the company's breakthrough point-to-growth Dimax/EXCAP economic growth model's Performance Solutions (EXCAP-PS).


Fulana Healthcenters, one of Economic Technologies' three key operating subsidiaries, is leading a global health care ambition and vision that is nothing short of changing the face of global access to premium care. "It is our stated global mission to revolutionize and synchronize global health care access, particularly for the 4,5 billion people in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin & South America and Eastern Europe, so that with one SmartCard you will have access to the highest and best level of health care services anywhere in the world and an access to the best medicines, medical technologies, protocols, knowledge and devices backed by unparalleled research and medical library", stated Jude E. Uba, Economic Technologies' Chairman & CEO.

To support this massive health care operation, the company, in partnership with university medical centres in 40 countries and with such companies as GE, Motorola and others, is bent on creating and managing the world's largest library of leading and innovative medicines, point-to-care procedures, research, immune support nutritional breakthroughs and telemedicinal infrastructure and know-how, with blockbuster revolutionary and potent disease preventive and management programmes. Seven hundred and fifty (750) of these high-tech and revolutionary health centres, will be equipped and outfitted with the broadest vaccine development, diagnostic and treatment facilities, to engage in aggressive internal and contract HIV/AIDS, malaria, infectious diseases and human immunology R&D, in partnership with governments in 34 countries.

"We are really excited about the integrated impact this massive and ambitious undertaking will have on people around the world, particularly in the developing countries and for travelling business executives. In the case of an emergency, a business executive should be fully assured that the best medical attention, including his or her medical records and prescriptions, is available anywhere in the world. That is our guarantee", Jude Uba stated. "This will facilitate a rapid movement of ideas, skill, capital and real investments to every corner of the world. And for the billions of people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, this venture gives them a spectacular freedom and access to premium health care." At the high watermark point of this venture, there will be a Fulana health care facility forty miles from any strategic point in the world.

The initial 635 health centres will be located in 23 countries including Angola, Brazil, China, the Republic of Congo, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, India, Kuwait, Israel, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, at an estimated cost of $2,2 billion. The company also plans to acquire two medium-sized, high-end, medical groups in the United States and the United Kingdom, that will serve as added-value lead telemedicine and integrated operations centres (IOC) for the 5300 locations of care, worldwide.

"In making it easier for billions of people to obtain first class health care, Fulana will be providing a model of care consistent with our corporate philosophy that economics, premium health care access and adequacy of laws, when executed properly and based on sound advice, are the driving platforms of any successful country and is the most intelligent basis for confronting humanity's worst global epidemics", Jude Uba noted. "Our ultimate corporate goal, is to, through the bundling of premium health care access ventures, dominant financial infrastructure projects and the global application of our breakthrough economic growth tools, lead the world to unparalleled advancement in productivity, ease of life and massive market efficiency gains."

Economic Technologies Inc. builds, integrates and manages the economic intelligence, economic operating systems, critical backbone infrastructures and synthesized common platforms that enable nations to, rapidly, achieve massive and sustained economic growth. The company is leading an ambitious worldwide effort, to build the largest and most comprehensive market distribution infrastructures and services in the world, through the bundling of economic growth technologies and applications, implementation logistics management, financial/capital markets, advanced global health care access, information/knowledge distribution networks and energy delivery platforms.

Economic Technologies' proprietary economic science breakthrough, the product of a 15-year intensive R&D, and the first-of-its-kind, is changing how 4,5 billion people, worldwide, work and live.

Leslie Versweyveld

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