Medic4All announces completion of CE Mark for all its wireless products and software

Zug 06 February 2005As of 24 of November 2004, Medic4All completed CE Mark for all wireless hardware and software products. The certification was granted by German-based MDC Medical Device. The CE Mark includes certification to the European Medical Devices Directive, required for medical devices sold in the European Union.


"We are proud that Medic4All wireless products and software are now completely meeting the rigorous standards of the CE Mark", stated Mr. Doron Korman, Medic4All President and CEO. "By accomplishing this certification, Medic4All can offer the revolutionary range of products as a complete package or as a tailored solution, with its unprecedented user friendliness and cost effectiveness, to customers and partners throughout the European Union."

The Medic4All flagship product is WristClinic, a wireless remote medical monitoring unit. WristClinic is a revolutionary all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring device that measures blood-pressure, ECG, SpO2, body temperature, heart-rate, breathing rate, and heart rhythm regularity for telemedicine and homecare applications. It enables timely intervention, disease and chronic care management, improved patient compliance and better patient care.

Medic4All's completed CE certification includes the vital signs monitoring centre system; the Internet based medical file and vital signs viewer; WristClinic, Medic4All's wireless All-In-One tele-monitoring device; MiniClinic, Medic4All's wireless wristband, measuring ECG, body temperature, heart-rate, breathing rate, heart rhythm regularity and combined with distress alarm functionality; communication hubs for regular telephone lines, called MedicGate and Internet communication, called MiniGate; BP-100 / BP-102, upper-arm blood pressure monitors for both single and dual users; and WS-100, wireless weight scale.

Medic4All Group develops and markets innovative proprietary e-Health and telemedicine wireless technology and services that improve health care management for homecare services, diseases management programmes, remote patient monitoring and Tele-Assistance services. Medic4All's system includes secure wireless technology for medical data transmission from the patient's environment to a monitoring centre via the telephone line or Internet, Web measurements viewer and a Web medical file. The data comprises blood pressure, 1 lead ECG, heart rate, heart rhythm regularity, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), body temperature, blood sugar levels or glucose, and weight scale.

Leslie Versweyveld

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