PLUS Orthopedics USA Inc. announces availability of computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery technology

San Diego 22 February 2005PLUS Orthopedics USA Inc. has made available its PiGalileo Navigation System to be used with its TC-PLUS Solution knee to optimize the results of total knee replacement surgery. Through Orthopaedic Excellence of Long Island, Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre, New York, has recently entered into an agreement with PLUS Orthopedics to utilize this technology as part of its total knee replacement programme. The PiGalileo Navigation System is also available at Mercy Medical Center in Nampa, Idaho and Arroyo Grande Hospital in Arroyo Grande, California. With the introduction of this system, PLUS Orthopedics plans to promote the use of its PiGalileo throughout the United States.


The PiGalileo computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery system from PLUS Orthopedics combines computer-assisted surgery technology and mechanized instrument positioning technologies to assist the surgeon in total knee replacement procedures. Surgeries done with PiGalileo are still performed by a surgeon, with mechanized technologies aiding the surgeon in instrument positioning. This technology provides valuable intra-operative feedback to the surgeon to help improve precision, thereby potentially leading to better implant alignment and positioning.

"I have been looking forward to bringing this proven technology to Mercy Medical Center, which has consistently been ranked among the top 5 percent of hospitals in New York State for total hip and total knee replacement outcomes", stated Dr. Jan Albert Koenig, Director of Orthopaedics at Mercy Medical Center and President and Founder of Orthopaedic Excellence of Long Island. "This surgery is performed with acute accuracy utilizing computer technologies, thus enabling me to be a much better surgeon for my patients where they can expect more consistent results."

With this agreement Mercy Medical Center on Long Island joins Mercy Medical Center in Nampa, Idaho and Arroyo Grande Hospital in Arroyo Grande, California as the only three locations in the United States where this technology is currently available for patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery.

"The PiGalileo system provides me with real-time feedback on my alignment decisions for improved surgical accuracy", stated Dr. Gary Botimer, orthopaedic surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Nampa, Idaho. "The system's intra-operative feedback has definitely made me a better surgeon and improved my surgical outcomes."

Dr. Tom Ferro, orthopaedic surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Arroyo Grande Hospital in Arroyo Grande California, stated: "PiGalileo has definitely made me a better surgeon and made it possible to consistently obtain the precise cuts and implant positioning that I want, every time, with superior ease-of-use that adds a minimal amount of OR time."

Medical literature has shown that one of the common causes of joint implant failure is implant misalignment, with a misalignment of only three degrees being strongly correlated to excessive wear and tear on the joint and implant failure over time. Computer assisted orthopaedic surgery with the PiGalileo aims to position the knee implants optimally for the patient; thereby reducing the potential for misalignment.

Since its international release in 1999, there are over 70 PiGalileo systems installed throughout the world, which have supported more than 10.000 surgical procedures. PLUS Orthopedics USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLUS Orthopedics Holding AG. PLUS Orthopedics AG is the manufacturer of implant systems for the hip, knee and shoulder joints, as well as products for the treatment of orthopaedic trauma. PLUS Orthopedics USA Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is now bringing these products to patients across the United States with a commitment to offering the customers quality products and services in the industry with proven results.

Leslie Versweyveld

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