Dutch VU Medisch Centrum to select Oracle E-Business Suite

De Meern 02 February 2005The Medical Center of the Free University of Amsterdam (VUmc), The Netherlands will use Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to support its business-operational processes. The hospital has purchased Oracle's EBS modules for finance, project administration, purchase and logistics. The choice for the integrated Oracle software has been made as part of a strategic collaboration between Oracle and the VUmc, which will be focused at a continuous proces and quality-driven optimization within the hospital.


The VUmc has a leading role in Dutch health care, providing qualitative clinical and patient care. The hospital aims at a more efficient implementation of its supporting business processes by means of the LIFT project. LIFT stands for Logistics, Purchase, Financial Transparency. LIFT will enable to reduce the work flow of the hospital's business processes. Thus, the Medical Center anticipates a cost saving of five million euro within five years.

Oracle E-Business Suite has been selected in October 2004 because of the combination of functionality, integration and possibilities offered by this package to provide management information. At the VUmc it is important that users can directly access the source of the requested information via an intranet environment in order to have a faster on-line insight in the work flow of their department.

Oracle Consulting will install the system in co-operation with the project office LIFT. Plans have been made to have the system ready for 900 end users in January 2006. "Our goal was to offer an up-to-date tool with the new system which will make various shadow administrations superfluous so that they can be abandoned", stated Cees Buren, Financial Manager at VUmc. "Hence we can save important time and costs that are currently lost in streamlining different sources. In addition we aim at providing our clinical staff a clear on-line insight in the situation of their department."

"Meanwhile more than ten Dutch hospitals have already chosen Oracle EBS as the platform for their business processes", stated Otto van der Tang, director market development health care at Oracle, The Nederlands. "We know the needs of the health care market with regard to the re-organising of processes, the focus on efficiency and the integration of information. We are very proud to be working together with the VUmc. This collaboration allows us to demonstrate our expertise in a long term approach towards optimal health care provision."

The VU Medical Center is an academic medical centre with a leading position in the Dutch health care sector and offers an often unique diagnosis and treatment approach and specific research. The VU Medical Center also serves as an in- and out-patient clinic for regular and speciality health care. Other focuses are scientific research, education and training.

Leslie Versweyveld

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