Swedish Medical Center in Seattle selects Softricity's software virtualization for major IT infrastructure update

Dallas 14 February 2005Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, the largest non-profit health provider in the Pacific Northwest, has selected Softricity's SoftGrid application virtualization platform to expedite deployment and simplify management of more than 300 applications across its three hospital campuses and 14 primary-care clinics, as part of a major IT infrastructure refresh.


Swedish is overhauling its IT infrastructure to ensure it provides the flexibility and quality needed to improve patient care, expand services, and rapidly add users and programmes to its medical system. As part of this, SoftGrid is being used to accelerate enterprise-wide Windows XP and Office 2003 migrations, and to revolutionize the way IT manages applications on Swedish's 3500+ PCs and 200+ servers.

"Swedish has been growing quickly and will continue to do so. Our technology must support this growth while enabling us to deliver the highest level of patient care", stated Chris Leininger, CIO of Swedish. "SoftGrid's unique application virtualization approach will simplify administration of all our computing environments, making IT much more responsive to the changing needs of our employees and physicians. It will enable us to provide reliable, agile service at less cost."

SoftGrid transforms Windows applications from products that must be installed and managed locally into virtual services that are centrally managed and deployed on-demand, without any recoding, to any desktop, server or laptop. SoftGrid's patented application virtualization technology enables applications to run in a protected "sandbox" environment without installation or alteration to the host operating system. This eliminates application conflicts and the need for time-consuming regression testing, and enables just-in-time application updates.

As part Swedish's infrastructure refresh, SoftGrid is expected to not only cut application migration from an average of 40 days per application to just four hours, it will also make the migration largely transparent to users and help IT remain responsive to ad-hoc user requests during this major initiative.

In addition, SoftGrid will enable to consolidate terminal servers. The software virtualization maximizes utilization of processor power because any application can run alongside any other, eliminating the need for siloing. It also eliminates application conflict as a source of server growth. Furthermore, SoftGrid can support rapid user and application changes. The Swedish user demands for IT services will continue to grow in volume and need, requiring the ability to quickly provision and support new applications. Utility computing is gaining ground. SoftGrid enables applications to be treated as services rather than products, delivered "on-demand" as needed by the user.

SoftGrid is meeting regulatory compliance. The ability to adhere to regulatory requirements is essential. SoftGrid enables IT to be agile enough to quickly update applications as regulations demand and track application usage for compliance reporting. It thereby extends Microsoft product benefits. Microsoft solutions are the lynchpin of Swedish's infrastructure. SoftGrid enables Swedish to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy, upgrade, patch and support the latest Windows applications.

Softricity's software supports "Business Continuity" initiatives. Applications can be rapidly directed to new devices and users with SoftGrid. It also realizes licensing efficiencies. Swedish can capture usage data to understand usage patterns and concurrent use of applications, and make any alterations needed for licensing agreements.

"Swedish's infrastructure update is a tremendous undertaking. We're pleased they have chosen to rely on Softricity for the critical application management portion", stated Harry Ruda, CEO, Softricity. "SoftGrid's combination of application virtualization and centralized management provides the simplicity and flexibility Swedish needs to keep IT on the cutting edge and help them remain a leading health care institution."

Seattle-based Swedish Medical Center is the largest, most comprehensive, non-profit health provider in the Pacific Northwest. It is comprised of three hospital campuses - First Hill, Providence and Ballard, Swedish Home Care Services and Swedish Physicians - a network of 11 primary-care clinics. On March 1, 2005, Swedish will open a new freestanding emergency room and speciality centre in Issaquah in East King County. In addition to general medical and surgical care, Swedish is known as a regional referral centre, providing specialized treatment in areas such as cardiac care, oncology, orthopaedics, high-risk obstetrics, neurological care, sleep medicine, paediatrics, organ transplantation and clinical research.

Softricity helps enterprises simplify and accelerate software management with SoftGrid, the industry's first application virtualization platform. The award-winning SoftGrid utility computing solution transforms applications from products that must be installed locally into virtual services that are centrally managed and deployed on-demand to any Windows desktop, laptop and Terminal Services/Citrix MetaFrame Presentation server. By eliminating application conflicts and regression testing, and increasing change management responsiveness, SoftGrid expedites deployment, upgrades, patches and terminations.

Global 2000 companies such as Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, AIG, and Raytheon use SoftGrid to save tremendous time and money, enhance IT service quality, and transform into more dynamic businesses. Softricity has a multiyear Strategic Alliance with Microsoft Corporation, is a Microsoft Terminal Services Industry Partner and is a Premier Citrix Business Alliance Member.

Leslie Versweyveld

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