Misys Healthcare Systems to launch Misys Connect and to demonstrate Misys Web CPR at HIMSS

Dallas 14 February 2005Enabling physicians to connect with each other, hospitals, home care providers and patients, regardless of their current technology platform, Misys Healthcare Systems has introduced Misys Connect, a new Web-based data sharing solution. In addition, physicians on rounds or away from the hospital or their office can now easily access their patient's clinical information using the first browser-based release of the Misys CPR enterprise computer-based patient record system.


Misys Connect gives physicians a single, secure source where they can view patient data from any care setting or clinical system. With Misys Connect, hospitals can connect with community physicians, home care and long-term care providers, and access important patient information around the clock from virtually any location as part of a truly connected health care community. The new product is part of Misys Optimum, a family of products that promote patient information sharing across organisational boundaries, healthcare settings and technological platforms.

"Physicians need immediate access to data, wherever it is and from whatever source holds it", stated Tom Skelton, CEO of Misys Healthcare Systems. "Misys Connect provides doctors a seamless way to get to this data without leaving the application they are currently working in."

With Misys Connect, medical records are accessible in two distinct ways: through a stand-alone Web application that can be accessed from any location with Internet connectivity; and through a Misys or third-party clinical solution that integrates Misys Connect network services within its relevant work flows. Misys Connect will be available early next year and will be used in a "test release" later this summer at a handful of United States health care organisations, such as Arnot Health in New York.

"Misys Connect and Misys Optimum are critical components of a strategy that will help Arnot Health reach our objective of establishing a community-shared EHR accessed by both our hospital-based and community-based doctors", stated Gregg Martin, CIO with Arnot Health. "The efficient exchange of just-in-time data across all care delivery settings promises countless benefits to patients and caregivers alike."

Misys Connect utilizes Internet protocols, including HTTPS and XML, to provide access to enterprise and community-based electronic patient health records and transmissions of data on demand among participating systems. Misys Connect uses Web services, industry-standard messages (HL7) and document types (CCR, CDA) for asynchronously communicating information about users, patients, patient encounters and master file updates among systems and support services. Both service and message interfaces are Web-based and bi-directional. Data such as patient demographics, medication information, allergies, test results and problem lists can be imported into any participating system from any other participating system.

At the recent annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference, Misys Healthcare Systems has demonstrated the Misys CPR Web upgrade. The CPR Internet migration supports the company's focus on interconnecting clinicians seamlessly to patient data across the community to improve care delivery. Misys CPR is a core component of the Misys Optimum family of clinical products and Web-based technologies.

"Misys CPR incorporates a set of data access tools that provides physicians with secure remote access to patient clinical information wherever an Internet connection is available", stated Bob Evola, Misys CPR product line director for Misys Healthcare Systems. "The CPR Web toolset helps physicians maintain their mobility and do much more for their patients in less time, allowing them to make time-sensitive treatment decisions."

Accessible via a browser-based workstation, the new Misys CPR Web capability enables physicians to utilize clinical applications that they need in order to care for patients around the clock. Using an intuitive physician "dashboard", clinicians have secure access to vital patient information via care grids and a chart browser. Subsequent versions will enable doctors to add and modify patient orders, interact with clinical alerts and email, enter clinical documentation, and utilize reminders and work flow tools-ultimately improving multi-disciplinary communication.

"The new Misys CPR Web release is a thin client application that requires no software to download to a workstation, and is the first in a series of releases that will transform the entire Misys CPR user interface to a browser-based solution", added Bob Evola. "It is easily deployed and low maintenance, thereby reducing cost of ownership."

Physicians employed at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS) in Québec, Canada, are using the new Misys CPR desktop browser across the 710-bed hospital and its associated clinics to allow their regional clinicians access to patient information. "The CPR Web upgrade is intuitive and user-friendly: just point and click", stated Claude Lemoine, M.D., of CHUS. "Information is easy and quick to find, with effective visual aids to draw attention to the most significant data."

According to CHUS' Stephane Tremblay, M.D., "Misys CPR's Internet access to the hospital-setting information solution when away from the hospital will improve the quality of care. In addition, clinic follow up of discharged patients will be much easier with access to the most up-to-date information."

"A CPR Web infrastructure uniquely positions our organisation to reach out into the community and bring all the care providers together", stated Pierre Tetreault, healthcare information systems manager at CHUS. "The new solution is an efficient bridge between the few large public health care providers and the many small private clinics in our region. Misys CPR will help CHUS achieve our goal of region-wide health care delivery."

The Misys CPR Web release is generally available late February. Subsequent versions of Misys CPR will ultimately provide full browser-based applications that support the specialized functions of pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians.

Misys Healthcare Systems has also received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration for its Misys Laboratory Blood Bank and Blood Donor Modules. This FDA designation allows Misys to market the newly enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) blood bank modules on IBM AIX, HP Open VMS and HP Tru64 UNIX operating systems.

Misys Healthcare Systems continues its position in the hospital and integrated delivery network (IDN) transfusion services market by delivering this blood bank software to its client base. The comprehensive transfusion service assists health care providers administer blood bank management activities to improve patient safety, increase automation, and streamline work flow and ease of use.

Misys Healthcare Systems develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of health care. With 25 years of industry experience, Misys currently serves more than 92.000 physicians in 18.000 practice locations, 1250 hospitals, 600 home care providers and hundreds of commercial laboratories, clinics, managed services and other related organisations. Misys' family of clinical products and Web-based technologies - Misys Optimum solutions - are designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings. Misys Optimum connects community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations. For more information, you can read this VMW issue's article Misys Healthcare Systems teams with Foundation Management Services to provide affordable homecare technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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