Terabeam Wireless and ARGroup deliver intelligent wireless networking to Loudoun Hospital Center

Falls Church 10 February 2005Terabeam Wireless, the business name of YDI Wireless Inc., a developer and supplier of broadband wireless solutions, has deployed an intelligent wireless network at Loudoun Hospital Center exclusively utilizing Terabeam equipment for the wireless component. The centre is a premier health care facility serving Loudoun County, Virginia with 60 specialities, 478 providers, and over 1500 employees. The network was designed by ARGroup, a systems and network engineering firm based in Leesburg, Virginia.


The network is based on the popular 802.11(b) standard protocol for broadband wireless Internet access, commonly used for "hotspots" in airports, hotels, retail establishments, and other public venues around the world. While often used to provide Internet access to anyone using a wireless-enabled computer, this technology can also be adapted to more specialized uses. In the case of Loudoun Hospital Center, the network has been deployed to enable mobile computer carts to access the existing wired computer network.

These carts, which accompany patients as they are routed through the facility for medical procedures, acquire intake and other data from the patients and transmit them to the data centre. In addition to enabling real-time data monitoring, these carts will enable the data centre to locate a patient quickly. This location capability is due to the network's creative design: it was designed so that each department is exactly covered by a single access point.

The design is based on a formula developed by Steve Williams, Senior Systems Engineer at the ARGroup. Using the formula, he was able to tailor the coverage area of each Terabeam access point to only include a single department. By adjusting the polarization of the access point and the power output to specific values, he was able to eliminate any bleed of network coverage from one access point into an adjacent department.

"Terabeam's AP-Ant access point was the clear choice because of the unique flexibility of its polarization and power output, as well as remote administration and remote firmware upgrade features", stated Steve Williams.

"As we migrate all of our clinical and operational functions to the bedside, this approach is critical to patient care, clinical quality, and both nursing and physician satisfaction. We anticipate this infrastructure will be a key component of our successful deployment of new clinical technologies that will continue to enhance both the quality and safety of care", stated James Rohrbaugh, Chief Information Officer, Loudoun Healthcare. "The team of Terabeam Wireless and the ARGroup was dedicated to ensuring that the design was both aesthetically pleasing and non-obtrusive in the health care environment as well as engineered to meet our specific wireless needs in the hospital setting", explained James Rohrbaugh.

"Terabeam Wireless has been providing wireless networking infrastructure to service providers and municipalities for many years, and we are excited to build on that heritage of excellence by fulfilling the specific needs of this notable facility in the health care industry", stated Amit Malhotra, Vice President of Marketing at Terabeam Wireless.

Terabeam Wireless is a world expert in providing extended range, license-free wireless data equipment and is a designer of turnkey long distance wireless systems ranging from 9600 bps to 1,42 Gbps for applications such as wireless Internet, wireless video, wireless LANs, wireless WANs, wireless MANs, and wireless virtual private networks.

ARGroup is an integrator of network technologies in the wired and unwired environments. For unwired networks, ARGroup designs and implements secure internal hot spot solutions; external regional broadband distribution projects; high bandwidth, long distance bridges; and distribution end point solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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