HIPAA regulations force medical practices to reconsider e-mail and Web communications

Hagerstown 05 March 2005The latest updates to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) call for health care providers to adopt secure communication practices to protect Patient Identifiable Data. While not specific as to which technologies should be used, HIPAA does require physicians and health care providers to examine their use of e-mail and on-line communication and take appropriate measures to ensure that private information is not compromised. Until recently, this meant implementing an expensive secure server or Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, or avoiding the use of e-mail and on-line communication altogether. Recent software developments and innovations, however, have put HIPAA-compliant e-mail and Web solutions within reach of the small health care provider and physician practice.


DatAchieve Digital is introducing ArticSoft's FormsAssurity product to its suite of medical Web development solutions. Unlike earlier security solutions, FormsAssurity encrypts both Web-based e-mail and Web inquiry forms on the user's desktop level, before any information is ever sent over the Internet or stored on a server.

"We're excited about the possibilities this offers both physicians and patients", stated David Layton, Director of Business Operations for DatAchieve. "Many small practices have their hands tied when it comes to using e-mail to communicate with patients or staff, and it can be frustrating for a patient to be unable to request a prescription refill or schedule an appointment from their family doctor's Web site. FormsAssurity will enable us to offer that convenience to both patients and physicians."

DatAchieve Digital is a Maryland-based new media development company, offering affordable Web solutions to medical practices, health care providers, and small businesses.

Leslie Versweyveld

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