RFID Market Guide to Healthcare analyses new market: marry the business strategy and not the technology

Chicago 24 March 2005Fast Track Technologies Ltd., specialized in emerging health care technologies and RFID training, has published an extensive manual titled "RFID and Emerging Technologies Market Guide to Healthcare". Author of the study is Bradley H. Sokol, who has started three emerging technology companies in a variety of industries and currently is running the Fast Track Technologies business. The new manual aims to project market opportunities for key technologies for wireless, medical device connectivity, and RFID technologies. The guide has been written for the entire medical and health care interest community, but is tailored for readers with an interest in the sales, marketing and management dimensions of emerging technologies.


What if a person could enter a hospital with the confidence that their treatment would be successful, efficient, safe, secure, environmentally clean, and comfortable, with accurate and seamless billing? It may be hard to fathom, but currently the technology exists to achieve this utopia. The medical system doesn't have the infrastructure, funding, knowledge or will to address these issues. Brad Sokol's study will provide the reader with all the tools he needs to drive the existing will of the people.

Fast Track Technologies has the solution at hand, through the combined technologies of the new health care supply chain: wireless networks, radio frequency identification (RFID), and medical device/instrument connectivity. These technologies are laying the infrastructure for the 21st century medical delivery system. Innovation is the change that positively impacts society. However, innovation is born through necessity. This statement involves a paradox, implying something is needed to address new problems arising from change.

Megatrends are the underground volcanic activity that cannot be seen, but that are felt years before they erupt in an undeterminable fashion and with unforeseen consequences. According to Brad Sokol, these megatrends involve an aging population; an increase of medical error deaths by drug and site infection; a shortage of qualified health care personnel; unwillingness to fund the health care technology infrastructure; resistance to new, emerging technologies by an older generation of health care providers, creating a generational professional schism due to lack of knowledge and status quo that permeates throughout health care institutions.

The health care industry can heed these signs of dire consequences by taking measured, prudent, investment steps in the technology that will minimize the "volcanic" impact of these megatrends. If the health care industry and all their interrelated, components wait until 2010, it will be too late. There is a five-year window of opportunity to curb the flow of these destructive currents.

In this newly issued report, there are studies Fast Track Technologies has conducted and the conclusions have been verified by several other health care oriented industry leaders. Brad Sokol has identified the trends, provided information on the technologies, analysed the regulatory environment, explained the creative ways to obtain funding and suggest entrepreneurial market solutions. Additionally, the study offers the health care vendor an understanding of the medical industry's multi-disciplinary buying, and decision motivators. Moreover, it provides tactical and product application insight for over 100 emerging technology health care vendors for each level involved in the decision making process at a hospital.

Within this constructive framework, the author has projected the minimally acceptable future revenue (vendors) and investment (hospital) to address the high quality and accuracy of patient care based on the future patient expectations within the health care delivery system.

This study is a compendium of today's human and industry drivers. Given the current status of the health care infrastructure, the regulatory environment and the enterprising way government and business are addressing these issues, will determine tomorrow's needs for the health care industry and the patients they serve.

Now is the time to address future patient expectations of a seamless, efficient, health care delivery system, by both the quality and the accuracy of these services. There will be a time, when our actions will directly impact our own longevity and quality of life through the health care system we developed for the futur and that time is now.

At Fast Track Technologies Ltd., a Chicago-based company, emerging health care technologies specialists are addressing integration, marketing, and tactical implementation into hospitals, medical devices, and medical instrumentation. The company focuses on the convergence of medical device connectivity, wireless, and RFID technologies within the health care industry.

The manual "RFID and Emerging Technologies Market Guide to Healthcare" can be purchased on-line for USD400.00 at the Fast Track Technologies Web site.

Fast Track Technologies Ltd.

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