Surgeons at Scottsdale Bariatrics and Swedish Hospital to use new generation 3D vision system from Viking Systems

San Diego 17 March 2005The surgeons at Scottsdale Bariatrics Center, one of United States' leading centers for Bariatric Surgery, will begin using the new generation EndoSite 3Di Vision System, developed by Viking Systems Inc., to perform laparoscopic Bariatric surgery and other general laparoscopic colorectal surgical procedures. Designed for use in complex minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures and training environments, the new system delivers significant enhancements in resolution and visualization capabilities. In turn, surgeons at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden have begun testing Viking's new EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System to perform laparoscopic radical prostatectomies and other complex minimally invasive urological procedures including donor nephrectomies and pyeloplasties.


A cost-efficient and more flexible alternative to robotic surgical solutions, Uppsala's surgeons have used the EndoSite to perform more complex surgical procedures minimally invasively by reducing hospital stays and returning patients to their normal activity levels more quickly than conventional open procedures. The EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System provides the surgical team with 3D visualization and a far greater level of comfort than can be achieved with traditional 2D endoscopic video systems.

"Our first operations with the EndoSite have been a huge success as there is a significant advantage in having a stereoscopic view during endoscopic surgery", stated Dr. Michael Haggman, associate professor in the Department of Urology at Uppsala University Hospital. "With the new EndoSite system, we can perform surgery with more precision, therefore decreasing the risk of damage to blood vessels and nerves."

"This system is far less expensive than robotic surgical solutions, but the biggest advantage is that it is more flexible than robots allowing us to use it in multiple procedures and we are also able to maintain tactile feeling during surgery", added Dr. Haggman.

The EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System will be featured by Viking Systems at the European Urology Association Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. The system provides three-dimensional stereoscopic vision, resulting in enhanced depth perception and surgical precision, while allowing the surgeon to remain actively engaged with their patients.

Utilizing the patented Head Mounted Display (HMD), each member of the surgical team can access high-resolution, stereoscopic images delivered within their natural line of sight. Ergonomically designed, the HMD provides unmatched comfort and significantly reduces surgical fatigue caused by standard vision systems as surgeons strain for hours to view the surgical field on less accommodating two-dimensional monitors. The system creates an immersive surgical environment providing MIS surgeons with improved vision quality and the sense of open surgery.

"Traditional systems require us to strain our necks to look at a 2D picture on a TV monitor, where as the EndoSite provides a natural 3D view through the head-mounted display", explained Dr. Haggman.

In addition, the EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System provides real-time patient information, on-demand to the surgeon through Infomatix, the system's digital information platform. Infomatix allows voice-activated, picture-in-picture presentation of existing diagnostic images and live secondary video. Easy access to this information, without the need to divert attention from the surgical field, equips surgeons to perform accurately and quickly while facilitating an informed decision-making process during surgery.

"The use of the EndoSite to perform laparoscopic radical prostatectomies and other complex minimally invasive urological procedures by Uppsala's surgeons highlights the technology's ability to enhance and enable many different types of minimally invasive procedures", stated Tom Marsh, CEO of Viking Systems. "Our cutting-edge head-mounted display technology and cost-efficient price point are driving the EndoSite's acceptance with surgeons throughout North America and Europe as an enabling technology."

Scottsdale Bariatric Center is a state-of-the-art centre providing morbidly obese patients with a comprehensive weight loss surgery programme. Scottsdale Bariatric Center uses state-of-the-art 3D visualization technology to perform both laparoscopic gastric bypass and LAP-BAND procedures, and now serves as a national training facility. The programme is a partnership with Scottsdale Healthcare.

"The clarity and resolution of the EndoSite's three-dimensional picture seen through the head mounted display is excellent with this new system", stated Dr. Robin Blackstone, medical director of the Scottsdale Healthcare Bariatric Programme and lead surgeon and director for the Scottsdale Bariatric Center. "The comfort of the system and our ability to have depth perception, unattainable through two-dimensional systems, has helped us achieve superior results for our patients by decreasing the complications from surgery. We have used the previous generation system very successfully for three years. It is extremely agile, allowing the surgeons to participate in all aspects of the case."

The EndoSite 3Di Digital Vision System provides three-dimensional stereoscopic vision, resulting in enhanced depth perception and surgical precision, while allowing the surgeon to remain actively engaged with their patient. "With the greatly enhanced image quality of Viking's new EndoSite system, we will be able to further improve quality of care and outcomes by offering even our most challenging patients the ability to have a minimally invasive procedure", added Dr. Blackstone.

"Viking Systems is extremely pleased to have one of the foremost Bariatric surgeons in the country using our new generation equipment", stated Tom Marsh. "A growing number of innovative MIS surgeons, like Scottsdale Bariatrics, are implementing our advanced and complete three-dimensional imaging equipment to fulfil their unmet needs for greater control, comfort and easy access to information during surgery."

Viking Systems Inc. is committed to bringing integrated solutions to the digital surgical environment. The company's mission is to deliver integrated information, visualization, and control solutions to the surgical team, enhancing their capability and performance in minimally invasive and complex surgical procedures. The company's product portfolio includes video, optical, robotic, and digital and information technologies in the market today and under development that serve the current and emerging needs of the digital health care network. Viking Systems is headquartered in La Jolla, California.

Leslie Versweyveld

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