Mississippi Baptist Health Systems uses real-time work flow management and patient location from PeriOptimum and Radianse

Jackson 15 March 2005Committed to using information technology to support improved clinical outcomes, staff productivity and operational efficiency, Mississippi Baptist Health System Surgery Department has deployed a real-time work flow management and patient location solution from industry partners PeriOptimum and Radianse. The solution integrates patent-pending Radianse active-RFID location technology into PeriOptimum's PathFinder, a software application that collects patient, equipment and process tracking data across peri-operative care, distributes it via a hospital's Intranet or the Internet and stores it for analysis.


Spread over three large areas, the Baptist Surgery Department needed a way to monitor patient flow. More than 12.000 surgical cases are completed annually. The PeriOptimum/Radianse solution allows Baptist to use real-time location information to facilitate more accurate and timely communication among surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses and patient families. Everyone can see the same information and if anything changes everyone will know.

Patients are issued Radianse location tags, which are assigned individual numbers. Receivers/sensors track where each patient is in the peri-operative process. Large plasma computer screens are installed throughout the surgical unit and waiting area. Patients can give their numbers to loved ones who can locate the particular number on the screen and know the patient status of their loved one in the surgical process. For instance, loved ones will know that surgery is completed and the patient is in recovery. Nurses can also send personal messages to the screen to let the loved one know the patient is "resting comfortably" or "coming out of anaesthesia".

"Our goal is to increase overall satisfaction and efficiency", explained J. Kempf Poole, Director of Surgical Services. "Every day we have inpatients and outpatients enter from multiple points, and we face a very dynamic schedule with many operational variables. Managing throughput from pre-op to post-op to discharge is a major challenge, and we felt we could improve it. Now, with this software, we're able to capture the data we need to analyse our processes, which allows us to improve communication between physicians, staff and patients' loved ones."

"Integration of the Radianse solution with PathFinder is proving to be as valuable as we expected", stated Hakan Ilkin, founder and executive vice president of PeriOptimum. "With Radianse active-RFID and location technology, we extend the capabilities of our optimization tools, giving hospitals relevant, time-stamped identity and location data to help them improve the peri-operative cycle."

Michael Dempsey, chief technology officer of Radianse, stated: "The value that the combined PeriOptimum/Radianse solution provides to Mississippi Baptist is just as we have envisioned, a simple, accurate, consistent way to use time-stamped location data to identify bottlenecks and develop work flow solutions."

Radianse and PeriOptimum have also installed an integrated solution at Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal, Missouri. PeriOptimum is part of the Radianse Ready partner programme, which gives application providers and device manufacturers the training, support and warranties to ensure consistently high performance of Radianse location software, active-RFID-tags and LAN- and WiFi-ready receivers.

Baptist Health Systems is the parent company of Baptist Medical Center, the Mississippi Hospital for Restorative Care and a number of related health care services and programmes. Since 1911, Baptist has served Mississippi as a Christian-based, non-profit comprehensive medical centre. Today, Baptist Medical Center is part of a growing network that makes comprehensive health care, health education, health risk assessments and wellness more accessible than ever before.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PeriOptimum provides a broad range of products and services that help hospitals improve surgical throughput. Hospitals and surgicentres use the company's Perioperative Improvement Evaluation (PIE), PathFinder work flow management solution and Surgical Capacity Improvement Program (SCIP) to create predictable and streamlined peri-operative environments. The result is increased patient throughput, significantly improved physicians, staff and patient satisfaction, and tremendous net revenue gains.

Radianse Inc., Lawrence, Massachusetts, provides indoor positioning solutions (IPS) to locate and associate medical equipment, patients and staff. A Radianse IPS combines active-RFID with a patent-pending location algorithm to deliver proven accuracy and return on investment. Radianse adheres to an open systems approach to location solutions, shunning exclusive arrangements it sees as limiting effectiveness across a health care campus. Hospitals in the United States and Europe use Radianse solutions to reduce asset loss and excess rentals and improve efficiency, resource utilization, safety and patient flow.

Leslie Versweyveld

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