Already fifth Helios clinical centre in Germany decides to select VEPRO IT-solution

Pfungstadt 17 March 2005After the Helios hospitals Grebenhein, Volkach, Bad Nauheim and Berlin-Buch, Germany, also the still completely analogue working Helios clinical centre Müllheim will be equipped with a VEPRO PACS and the VEPRO work flow manager (RIS) in the next weeks. This decision for VEPRO was made simply due to the wide range solution offer and successful co-operation with four other Helios hospitals. The existing Helios customers indeed confirm VEPRO to be the best solution for their individual requirements including the integrated work flow manager and a PACS with only one hospital-wide surface (Graphical user interface), through which all specialized divisions have access to images and finding data.


Altogether eight different specialized divisions, among which radiology, surgery and endoscopy, are connected with all existing modalities, analogue as well as digital, to the VEPRO PACS and also the existing hospital information system (HIS) of Laufenberg is integrated. In the Helios clinical centre Müllheim, Germany, hospital staff decided to use the VEPRO work flow manager instead of a complex RIS system, which acts for scheduling and also for the supply of the DICOM worklist as well as the documentation of the investigations in the X-Ray book.

A number of non-DICOM modalities such as ultrasound, surgical image amplifiers and others are integrated through a diagnostic station with additional A/D converter. Also these non-DICOM modalities are equipped with the DICOM worklist. Thus a uniform work flow for the entire clinical centre is ensured. Apart from using the solution as an adequate finding station hospital staff is able to acquire images or film sequences in diagnostic quality and to transfer them in the PACS archive at the same time. In the VEPRO PACS a strict importing of all data is realized into the DICOM 3.0 standard in order to reach a homogeneous and uniform archives and file structure.

For endoscopy the innovative complete operation room concept "CORE" (complete operating room endoscopy), developed by the RICHARD WOLF GmbH and the VEPRO AG, is used. This operation room system with integrated image management fulfills all needs of the surgeon for an efficient and accelerated operational sequence in modern endoscopy. Therefore the individual devices within the operation room are interconnected with one another smoothly to one system. By means of ultramodern control possibilities via an operating panel and a speaker-independent language control CORE allows to simple control the entire operation room system.

Whether light, camera, computer or operation table, the management of devices and software is possible from both the non-sterile and sterile range, and thus directly from the operating physician. Starting from the basis of workstations for image acquisition, processing and archiving up to ultramodern server, network and telecommunication solutions with CORE the complete patient image and document management is realized by VEPRO. Thereby with the integrated VEPRO PACS also all data such as images, films, findings and photographs are available in seconds, where they are needed namely directly at the work space of the doctor.

Apart from the image and finding distribution the data in the Helios clinical centre Müllheim are also passed to all other Helios hospitals by long-distance data transmission. Thus secondary opinions can be caught up for the well-being of the patient as fast as possible. Chief of the administrative department Armin Mueller already today is convinced that the implementation of the enterprice solution of VEPRO will be accomplished with the same speed and professionalism as in the Helios hospitals Grebenhein, Volkach, Bad Nauheim and Berlin-Buch.

More company news about VEPRO AG is available in the VMW January 2005 article VEPRO India realizes the electronic medical record with PACS at the Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute.

Leslie Versweyveld

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