Marconi's ViPr in telemedicine trial at University of Arizona College of Medicine

Pittsburgh 13 April 2005Marconi Corporation plc has started a trial with the Arizona Surgical Technology and Education Center (ASTEC) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and ExhibitOne to deploy, test and develop videoconferencing for remote medical applications and training. Marconi and ExhibitOne Corporation, an Arizona-based provider of telepresence and presentation technologies, are working with ASTEC to explore real-time videoconferencing applications to support ASTEC's medical simulation education programmes using Marconi's ViPr Virtual Presence System, an easy-to-use, flexible, high-resolution video telephony and multimedia communications platform.


The applications will make it easier for students, nurses, residents and physicians throughout the state and eventually the world to access University of Arizona College of Medicine faculty, staff and their high-tech medical simulation training facilities.

ViPr will be integrated in ASTEC's Medical and Surgical Simulation Laboratory at the Arizona Health Sciences Center by ExhibitOne, which will also provide support and design services. ASTEC will use the ViPr for telesurgical consults, distance learning with virtual reality simulators, and other activities that support medical training. Additionally, Marconi and ASTEC researchers will work collaboratively to identify product requirements for future enhancements to ViPr, including telementoring, telesurgery and wireless solutions for remote medical training.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technologies to provide and support health care at a distance. In addition to clinical applications, telemedicine can also be effective in the ongoing training of physicians, according to Allan J. Hamilton, MD, professor of surgery and ASTEC executive director.

"The goal of the joint project with ExhibitOne and Marconi is to present, explore and evaluate the integration of telecommunications technology in the area of health care training", Dr. Hamilton stated. "We were very impressed with the ViPr's easy-to-use interface and its multiparty conferencing capability. We hope to demonstrate the benefits and cost efficiency of this blend of medical training and digital technologies."

The mission of the Arizona Surgical Technology and Education Center (ASTEC) is to deliver medical education and surgical innovation that maximizes patient safety and improves the accessibility of medical expertise through technology. The centre consists of the Medical and Surgical Simulation Laboratory, the Advanced Surgical Technology Development Laboratory, and the Telesurgery and Outreach Programme.

ViPr combines the immediacy of a telephone call with the impact of video, utilizing digital high-fidelity audio and DVD-quality video in an integrated video telephony platform that provides users with an experience they perceive as virtual presence. ViPr pioneered the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology and remains the only SIP-based multiparty desktop video telephony platform, capable of supporting up to 15 simultaneous videoconferencing calls.

ViPr also is the only multiparty video telephony platform that eliminates the Multi-point Control Unit (MCU), a costly device that traditional videoconferencing products require for multiparty calls. The MCU also introduces delay that makes real-time video telephony impossible. Eliminating the MCU allows ViPr to deliver critical real-time communications such as remote hearings, where participants must see every gesture and vocal nuance conveyed with digital accuracy.

ExhibitOne is a provider of telepresence and presentation technologies, serving federal, state and local government, corporations and educational institutions requiring the creative application of audiovisual technologies. Established in 1995, ExhibitOne has over 450 fully integrated presentation, digital recording and videoconferencing solutions installed throughout the United States.

Marconi Corporation plc is a global telecommunications equipment, services and solutions company. The company's core business is the provision of innovative and reliable optical networks, broadband routing and switching, broadband access technologies and services. The company's customer base includes many of the world's largest telecommunications operators.

Leslie Versweyveld

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