Misys Healthcare Systems enhances State Laboratory reporting to help officials react faster to public health crisis

Raleigh 14 April 2005Misys Healthcare Systems has launched Misys Laboratory-Disease Reporting Interface, a new connectivity solution designed to transmit infectious disease data to state electronic laboratory reporting databases. The solution allows public health officials to track and predict communicable diseases and to react immediately to bioterrorism, chemical terrorism and other public health emergencies.


The New York State Department of Health, which collects patient data from several Misys New York-based clients, is among the first to activate the Misys interfacing solution to improve the transmission of infectious disease reporting to its state and local health departments.

"Misys Laboratory-Disease Reporting Interface, once installed at hospitals, increases the timeliness of communicable disease reporting", stated Kevin McDonald, product manager of interfacing at Misys Healthcare Systems. "The advanced technology benefits the public because health department officials can react quicker to specific disease outbreaks, which leads to improved care and a healthier patient population. Health officials also can follow up more closely on individual patients."

For more than a century, state clinical laboratories have reported to state public health authorities the presence of certain diseases and conditions considered serious threats to public health. Most state health departments' reporting systems are manual and use paper-based reporting methods.

The Misys interfacing connectivity solution aggregates reportable disease conditions from a hospital laboratory system and transmits the information in a single data set to a state department of health database. The data is then disseminated to statewide health departments and to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS). NEDSS is a public health initiative that provides a standards-based, integrated approach to disease surveillance. A primary goal of NEDSS is the ongoing, automatic capture and analysis of data already available electronically.

"Misys Laboratory-Disease Reporting Interface decreases the hospital lab's manpower hours required to comply with state-level infectious disease reporting requirements", stated Kevin McDonald. "The solution's decentralized architecture approach assures the data goes directly to the state health department versus a third-party data centre."

"This advanced technology demonstrates Misys' vast data connectivity expertise", he concluded. "Helping public health officials pro-actively monitor current outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Anthrax fulfils our mission of improving care on a broader scale."

Misys Healthcare Systems develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of health care. With 25 years of industry experience, Misys currently serves more than 92.000 physicians in 18.000 practice locations, 1250 hospitals, 600 home care providers and hundreds of commercial laboratories, clinics, managed services and other related organisations.

Misys' family of clinical products and Web-based technologies, Misys Optimum solutions, are designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings. Misys Optimum connects community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations. More company news can be found in the VMW April 2005 article New version of Misys Laboratory to enhance day-to-day work flow efficiencies and Misys Optimum RIS-PACS solution showcased at PACS 2005.


Leslie Versweyveld

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