InforSense and the BioTeam announce partnership to deliver high performance Grid computing environment for bioinformatics

London 18 April 2005InforSense Limited and the BioTeam Inc. have signed a partnership to integrate their products. The BioTeam has joined the InforSense Open Workflow Partner Network as a Certified Solutions Provider. The companies will work to integrate the BioTeam's informatics clustering kit, iNquiry, with InforSense's work flow-based integrative analytics environment, InforSense KDE, to provide the world's first high performance Grid computing environment for bioinformatics study in life science industrial and research organisations.


"The BioTeam has earned an impressive reputation for working with Life Sciences and health care organisations to customize high performance bioinformatics solutions that empower in-silico biology research on scalable infrastructures", stated Professor Yike Guo, CEO and Founder, InforSense Limited. "We look forward to working with them to meet our mutual customers' needs."

"A major challenge within the life science community is enabling collaborative access to various and disparate information sources as well as computation services, and composing them in a flexible way. The lack of appropriate tools to best utilize the information and services available hinders internal collaboration, the capture and dissemination of best practices and overall productivity organisation-wide", stated Michael Athanas, Ph.D., Founding Partner of the BioTeam. "InforSense and the BioTeam's synergistic technologies, together with customized, domain specific services will help our customers solve these problems and accelerate their research and business processes using the state of the art technology in Grid computing."

The BioTeam is a consulting collective dedicated to delivering vendor-agnostic informatics solutions to the life science industry. The BioTeam provides complete beginning-to-end life science informatics and Bio-IT solutions and has proven success at bridging the Science-IT gap. iNquiry is BioTeam's ready-to-use cluster and Web portal optimized for use in life science informatics.

iNquiry comes preconfigured with more than 150 open source bioinformatic and scientific applications and can easily be extended to support additional commercial, open-source or internally developed applications. The end result is a powerful and scalable in-house informatics resource that installs rapidly and is ready to use without any expensive professional services fees nor long weeks of set-up, configuration and tuning.

InforSense Limited, a privately held corporation, enables organisations, using a work flow paradigm, to optimize their important data-driven processes so that information, expertise and derived knowledge can be delivered effectively and quickly to decision-makers throughout the organisation. This approach maximizes the return on existing Information Technology (IT) investments and helps organisations meet their evolving business needs.

InforSense KDE, the company's flagship product, consists of a generic work flow environment for integrative analytics; a work flow warehouse for capturing, managing and utilizing process knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP); and a powerful deployment engine to enable work flows to be rapidly turned into tailored, reusable applications available through Web services or thick clients. The InforSense 2.0: Oracle Edition adds Oracle connectivity. InforSense customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, financial services companies, and research institutes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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