Capgemini to assist Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports with national implementation of medical records

Utrecht 18 April 2005Capgemini is assisting with the national implementation of the Electronic Medication Record (EMD) and the Observation File for General Practitioners (WDH). The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) has awarded this task to Capgemini Consulting Services' Health Care marketing group. Dutch politicians are focusing on the introduction of medical records in health care. The EMD implementation will be the first step to the integrated launch of an Electronic Medical Record (EPD). VWS aims to score results in the area of EMD and WDH and has appointed Gijs de Vries, vice president at Capgemini Consulting Services, as the implementation manager.


The introduction of electronic records will contribute to the enhancement of health and welfare benefits to patients. The citizen will gain more confidence in health care if communication errors including wrong medication data or the lack of a medication list can be avoided. Medical records also allow to reduce costs since medication data can be shared in a fast, reliable and electronical manner. In addition, data input only has to be performed once.

The implementation manager is responsible for the co-ordination at the EMD and WDH launch. He will negotiate with all parties concerned to draw a "roadmap". The process consists of four different tracks.

The first one is to organise a National Link (LSP) for the health care sector through which all electronical health communications will be transmitted. This will include a number of first users as well. Initially, the focus will be on the EMD and WDH.

The second track constitutes the use of the so-called UZI-card which stands for Unique Health Provider Identification in order to enable health care providers to identify themselves.

The third track involves the full availability of the Citizen Service Number (BSN). This is the unique identification number for each Dutch citizen serving as an absolute condition to link medical data from different systems.

The fourth track consists in supporting the implementation in the field by developing a headrunner programme. This programme offers support in practice when using BSN, UZI and LSP facilities.

These four tracks will be carried out by the implementation team. The team is formed by partners from NICTIZ, VWS, CIBG and Capgemini. The intensive collaboration is structured along the lines of a "joint venture approach". The implementation team will report to the EMD/WDH steering group. The parties taking part as members in the steering group are IGZ, KNMP, NFU (formerly VAZ), NHG, NICTIZ, NPCF, NVZ, Orde, ZN and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Leslie Versweyveld

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