Syscan and Sybase team to provide RFID-based pathology system

Montréal 04 May 2005Syscan International Inc. has teamed with Sybase Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, to deliver a completely integrated RFID-based specimen tracking and processing system for ProPath of Dallas Texas, an expert in pathology services to physicians and hospitals. ProPath is using Sybase's RFID Enterprise data and process integration suite coupled with the RFID Anywhere middleware platform from Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions to better manage specimen testing along with Syscan's RFID transponders, readers and RFID systems expertise to increase the efficiency and precision of ProPath's internal operations. The implementations will accelerate sample processing and improve records management, while dramatically reducing the possibility of the "human error" factor.


Efficient and accurate processing and interpretation of patient biopsies and Pap smears is a mission critical activity for ProPath, which processes over 1200 unique patient cases and 1500 to 2000 samples daily. The slightest processing complication can delay diagnosis and patient treatment and contribute to increased medical costs, due to the time and resources spent reprocessing specimens.

"The systems enable us to fully automate several of the most manual, and thereby problem-prone, laboratory processes, allowing our staff to focus on activities that enhance sample quality and accelerate processing times", stated Krista Crews, Executive Director, ProPath. "As a result, we are expecting a 15 to 20 percent reduction in overall processing times, allowing us to deliver results faster and more securely, to more efficiently use existing resources and, most importantly, to ensure patients' safety and privacy."

Using specialised Low Frequency (LF) readers and transponders supplied by Syscan, ProPath can more accurately and efficiently track specimen identification and processing, from the time they enter the laboratory to archival storage. An RFID tag containing identification information is attached to each specimen as it enters the lab. In addition to providing real-time status information throughout the preparation and diagnostic process, the RFID tag improves process control and increases technician accountability and productivity, as ProPath can track when and by whom a specimen has been handled.

"It's critical to the success of any RFID project to team with organisations such as Syscan, who bring years of experience across the breadth of frequencies and standards in use today", stated Chris Foley, Director of RFID Business Development at iAnywhere Solutions. "The selection, configuration and installation of the appropriate tags, readers and antennas in challenging environments such as ProPath's laboratories provide the solid foundation on which our RFID software infrastructure resides and relies."

Mr. Axel Striefler, President of Syscan stated: "We are pleased to have been able to team with a partner such as Sybase whose technology and expertise has proven to be invaluable in planning and implementing this project. A special thank-you goes out to the management and personnel at ProPath for their foresight in bringing these initiatives forward."

Syscan is an Applications Solutions Provider of RFID-based business efficiency and risk management solutions for a variety of vertical markets. Its standardized supply chain solutions include traceability, temperature monitoring and quality control methodologies for the food, pharmaceutical and health care sectors, transportation and automobile production.

Celebrating 20 years of innovation, Sybase enables the Unwired Enterprise for customers and partners by delivering enterprise and mobile software solutions for information management, development and integration. The world's most critical data in commerce, communications, finance, government and health care runs on Sybase.

ProPath, founded in 1966, is a premier provider of pathology services to clinicians and medical facilities nationwide. As a physician-owned organisation, ProPath remains devoted to comprehensive, high-quality laboratory testing for unparalleled patient care. ProPath's team of 26 board certified pathologists offers subspeciality expertise in podiatric pathology, dermatopathology, gastro-intestinal pathology, haematopathology, immuno-histochemistry, cytopathology and breast pathology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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