Iron Mountain offers Comprehensive Health Information Management programme

Boston 16 May 2005Iron Mountain Incorporated, an expert in outsourced records management and data protection services, has made available on a wide scale its Comprehensive Health Information Management (CHM) programme, a fully outsourced medical records file room operation. The programme is geared toward helping major health care providers drive down costs, increase efficiencies and prepare for the deployment of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).


"In today's environment, health care providers are expected to deliver optimum levels of service to their patients while dealing with slashed budgets, higher operating costs and a growing number of health care regulations. They are further challenged with the issue of the decade: preparing for the inevitable Electronic Healthcare Record", stated Mark Rempe, Vice President of Iron Mountain's Health Information Services. "By choosing to outsource their records management operation to Iron Mountain, hospitals will benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and perhaps most importantly, they will be better prepared for a move toward the EHR. We're offering health care providers the benefit of Iron Mountain's best practices that have been refined over the last 20 years serving more than 1300 hospital customers."

Iron Mountain's CHM programme enables hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated with medical record storage by consolidating and outsourcing their entire file room operations. Iron Mountain's service employs a holistic approach to medical records management that enables hospitals to combine active and inactive medical records into a single system. And by outsourcing the file maintenance operations, health information management professionals can focus on more strategic issues such as billing, revenue improvement and EHR implementation planning.

Through an initial consulting engagement, Iron Mountain offers health care providers the opportunity to evaluate and streamline their existing medical records operations in preparation for the EHR. In addition, Iron Mountain's unique Virtual Unit Patient Record (VUPR) is supported by a fully indexed, software-based file tracking system. Regardless of a medical record's physical location or the volume of records, customers are provided with a consolidated view of all components of their medical records via Iron Mountain's on-line portal with 24/7/365 access.

Under the CHM programme, records are stored and managed in either an existing Iron Mountain records centre or in a purpose-built and/or customer-dedicated facility, depending on the health care provider's unique needs. These Iron Mountain facilities are designed with state-of-the art security and fire protection systems and with specialized open-shelf filing systems designed specifically for storage of x-ray film and medical records of all types.

As part of the programme, health care organisations can take advantage of Iron Mountain's broad portfolio of Health Information Services including:

  • Image-On-Demand which provides scanning operations that speed delivery of hardcopy medical records and helps prepare for the EHR
  • X-Ray-On-Demand which enables digitization of X-ray films and secure delivery via the Internet directly into existing PACS systems
  • Release of Information to reduce costs and simplify Release of Information obligations by fulfilling requests off-site, directly from Iron Mountain
  • Secure Shredding services ensuring certified destruction of medical records in compliance with HIPAA
  • Master Patient Index clean-up to automatically manage retention schedules and remove duplicate and incorrect entries from the Master Patient Index ensuring greater accuracy in patient information

The CHM programme is customized to the health care provider's business requirements. Iron Mountain Incorporated is a trusted partner for records management and data protection services. Founded in 1951, the company has grown to service more than 235.000 customer accounts throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Iron Mountain offers records management services for both physical and digital media, disaster recovery support services, and consulting services that help businesses save money and manage continuity challenges.

Leslie Versweyveld

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