Health Hero Network partner Sananet honoured by Ministry of Health for best practice in telehealth using Health Buddy system

Mountain View 23 May 2005Health Hero Network's Dutch partner Sananet B.V., an eHealth company offering information and communication technology products and services to improve the quality of health and social services in The Netherlands, was selected by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) for a best practice project in telemedicine. Sananet was invited to demonstrate their project using Health Hero Network technology at the Ministerial Conference and Exhibition e-health 2005, May 23 and 24 in Tromsø, Norway. The Ministerial Conference is a high-level conference and exhibition sponsored by the European Commission to promote advances in health care enabled by information and communications technology (ICT).


Representatives from Sananet presented their experiences and results with remote health monitoring for heart failure patients in Limburg to public health experts and decision makers from the entire European Union. Sananet demonstrated the Health Buddy system used in their telemedicine programme sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Provincie Limburg which covers Heart Failure patients at the Academic Hospital Maastricht, the Atrium medical centre in Heerlen and the Orbis medical and care group in Sittard/Geleen. The technology presented in Tromsø includes the Health Buddy appliance for monitoring and coaching patients with chronic illnesses and Web-based decision support tools providing health data and services for care providers.

"In The Netherlands we showed that patients feel more safe and their self efficacy improves significantly after 6 weeks using the Health Buddy appliance at their home. The results are very promising for the near future and we expect that more patients with chronic illnesses will receive a Health Buddy appliance. In the Utrecht region we developed a telemedicine programme which covers COPD sponsored by the Asthma foundation, and there we expect the same results. The selection as a Dutch Best Practice by the Ministry of Health for this telehealth solution will accelerate the structural embedding of telemedicine programmes in the Dutch Healthcare System", noted Jan Ramaekers, Sananet CEO. "Sananet is honoured to have Health Hero Network as a strategic partner."

"Around the world, people with chronic conditions have similar needs for coaching and monitoring at home in order to prevent hospitalization and improve the quality of care", noted Steve Brown, Health Hero Network CEO. "Health Hero Network is honoured to partner with leading innovators in Europe to advance chronic care, which is a critical necessity given the growing health needs of an aging population."

Sananet B.V. offers products and services to enable professionals and patients to use sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) for eHealth. Sananet enables health care professionals to link care providers with each other and patient data regardless of time or place, helping to provide efficient relations between different care partners and patients. The simplified communication facilitated by Sananet results in increased quality of care. Sananet's services include consultancy, network capacity, training and solutions support. More Sananet news is available in the VMW July 2004 article Sananet B.V. begins Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease pilot in Utrecht and Nieuwegein.

Health Hero Network develops and markets the Health Buddy system for health improvement. The Health Buddy system serves as the interface between patients at home and care providers, facilitating patient education and monitoring of chronic conditions. The system includes monitoring technologies, clinical information databases, Internet-enabled decision support tools, health management programmes and content development tools. Through increased communication, behaviour modification, and prevention, the Health Buddy system improves the quality of care. Based in Mountain View, California, Health Hero Network's systems are protected by over 55 issued United States patents. More news about Health Hero's Buddy system can be found in the VMW May 2005 article Henry Ford Health System implements Health Hero Network's Health Buddy System for heart failure patients.

Leslie Versweyveld

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