Zix debuts PocketScript Version 5.52 including electronic connectivity to pharmacies

Dallas 23 May 2005Zix Corporation, a global provider of secure e-messaging, e-prescribing, and e-transaction applications and services, has made available PocketScript 5.52, the latest version of its e-prescribing application. This newest release adds direct computer connectivity to transmit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies via the SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network, enhancements to alternative formulary messaging, and additional logging/reporting functions.


PocketScript enables physicians to write prescriptions using a wireless handheld PDA or a secure Web site. Prescriptions are then delivered directly to pharmacies, providing greater legibility and improved communication when compared to traditional pad and pen prescriptions. PocketScript improves office efficiency, increases patient safety, and lowers costs for health plans. The PocketScript application also includes formulary information, a drug reference guide, drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction checking, and access to dispensed drug history.

"e-Prescribing is a technology application that holds promise for improving patient safety and operational efficiency for multiple stakeholders", stated Cynthia Burghard, health care research director at Gartner Inc. "What the industry has learned in the past few years since its introduction is that combining technology with well-designed physician recruitment, training, incentives, and management will be a key to success."

New enhancements to version 5.52 include improved generic/formulary prescribing. Enhancements, aimed to increase cost savings, will provide more opportunities for physicians to prescribe generic and preferred on-formulary brands with stronger therapeutic alternative messaging. The average cost of a generic drug is $11,21, while its brand-drug equivalent is $51,66, according to an August 2003 report "Tools for Managing Drug Benefit Costs" from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. If a physician writes 50 e-prescriptions per week, each one percent shift from brand to generic presents a cost savings of $1000 per physician per year.

Version 5.52 also provides connectivity to retail pharmacies. Electronic data interchange (EDI) capability enables access to more than 85 percent of the nation's pharmacies via SureScript's Electronic Prescribing Network, the nation's largest, which will improve speed and reliability over fax transmissions. Zix offers connectivity for electronic mail-order transmission. With a phased-in approach, PocketScript will enable electronic connectivity with mail-order facilities. An added mail-order button will alert physicians if a patient has this benefit and enable them to send the prescription to the mail order facility, saving time and costs for the patient, health plan, and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). PBMs and health plans can typically save between $10-$15 per prescription when mail order is utilized.

The solution provides the ability to log and report formulary adherence and DUR use. PocketScript 5.52 has the capability to track and record results that document prescribing behaviour changes as a result of alternative messaging, drug interaction alerts, and allergy alerts.

Several users helped beta test PocketScript 5.52, including Dr. Salvatore Volpe, from Staten Island, New York. "The 5.52 version of ZixCorp's PocketScript improves my office work flow and adds to the services I provide my patients", stated Dr. Volpe. "Thanks to the alternative medication reminder, I am prompted to prescribe a generic version when available, saving my patients money. Second, the drug interaction and drug allergy alerts are extremely useful for enhancing patient safety and the new ability to submit prescriptions directly to the mail order programmes significantly reduces paperwork for my office and my patients."

"PocketScript not only improves office efficiencies for physicians and improves patient safety but also reduces prescription costs", stated Nigel Johnson, vice president of business development and product management at ZixCorp. "As rising drug spending continues to be a concern, the improved capabilities of PocketScript can help minimize those expenses and address one of the fastest-growing costs in the economy today."

Zix Corporation provides easy-to-use-and-deploy e-communication services that protect, manage, and deliver sensitive information to enterprises and consumers in healthcare, finance, insurance, and government. ZixCorp's eSecure services enable policy-driven e-mail encryption, content filtering and send-to-anyone capability while its eHealth services improve patient care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through e-prescribing and e-lab solutions. For more information, you can read this VMW issue's article MedAptus' point-of-care solution suite strengthened via integration of Zix Corporation's PocketScript e-Prescribing application.

Leslie Versweyveld

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