Ascension and Schaerer-Mayfield to show new image-guided surgery system at major European medical conference

Burlington 02 June 2005Ascension Technology will provide 3D guidance for Schaerer-Mayfield's new image-guided surgery system. The Mayfield Acciss II system, initially directed at image guidance in neurosurgery, is being exhibited at CARS, the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery Conference in Berlin, Germany, June 22-25, 2005. It uses an Ascension pulsed-DC magnetic tracker to provide real-time navigation of a sterile probe within the patient's anatomy. The probe's tip is registered to "pre-acquired" or real-time patient images to give the surgeon a clear roadmap of the operative field during the procedure.


According to Schaerer-Mayfield, Acciss II provides a new way to visualize, in 3D, anatomical landmarks and guide a surgeon to targets within the human body. For ease of use, it is highly automated, user friendly and easily integrated with existing imaging systems. The system consists of a portable console with imaging computer, 3D visualization software, and a miniaturized Ascension sensor embedded in a sterile probe. The combination of the six degrees-of-freedom sensor with the function-key switch in the probe gives the surgeon full intra-operative control of the navigation system with simple hand motions and activation of button switches.

Schaerer-Mayfield chose Ascension for its capabilities in intrabody navigation because Ascension sensors provide full tracking coverage without line-of-sight restrictions, are unobtrusive and, most importantly, employ pulsed-DC magnetic fields to minimize metallic distortion of measurements. The two companies have worked closely together to successfully integrate the system and conduct clinical trials. FDA approval is pending.

Ascension's German reseller, EST, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is co-hosting the exhibition. Ascension Technology Corporation, based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, is specialized in DC magnetic guidance and motion tracking solutions for medical applications. For more information about Ascension trackers, you can visit the Ascension Web site or read the VMW April 2005 article Ascension to release newest microBIRD guidance device and IRLUS medical imaging tool.

Leslie Versweyveld

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